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…on having awesome parents pt. 2

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on March 31, 2009

today i received my birthday card from my parents. they’re so punctual. i received right on the dot.

as you probably have seen from part 1 of, “…on having awesome parents,” you could very well guess that they surely do not disappoint when it comes to sending me items in the mail.

excerpt from my mom:

…26 years older & wiser in decisions & especially financially. Please take care of yourself. Second hand smoke is very dangerous & give yourself a rest devoid of job’s computer. Your health is your wealth…

excerpt from my papa:
(he writes in all caps)


MAY BE NEXT YEAR YOU CAN HAVE B-DAY. (inserts a small arrow pointing to extra text he forgot to include: HERE. S.F.). I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU. HOPE SEE SON (he forgets an “O” and overwrites the N) IN JUNE. LOVE PA.


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…on having an awesome boyfriend

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on March 30, 2009

for my birthday i received 2 things:

1. i’m a gangsta now…


and of course… did i mention squirt likes boxes too?

*EDITOR’S NOTE* added 03.31.09 thanks to SANDEY

i told you i was gangta.

insight goodies

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on March 30, 2009

thank you to my girl v for always hooking it up FAT with some goods. now i’m not going to rub it in your face that i get shit for free. hell no! i’ve worked damn hard and i deserve a break… or two!

i DO however, want to share with you my treats.

ladies, are you listening?

insight is a brand unlike many other “streetwear” brands. its one of those lady brands that really doesn’t sit alongside any “genre,” so to call it a streetwear brand is far from the truth, much like saying 10Deep of Ice Cream is a skateboard brand.

in my opinion, insight is much like how nikita clothing is branded: for that woman who is STRONG, who is FEMININE, who is BOYISHLY BOLD, who is NOT AFRAID TO FART IN PUBLIC BUT STILL REMAIN AS DAINTY AS A TULIP.

YES, insight represents those of us who are all of these…

this brand has been around a long time and their clothing and swimwear speaks for themselves, here’s a peek at what i received, the rest you can continue on to itsDesignRelated where i posted the rest of the photos.


arite… i’m gonna need 2 things here:

  1. hard solid abs must be created from what is currently a soft roll of mush
  2. bikini. wax.



Dear WordPress,

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on March 30, 2009


Why have you been sooooo slow the past 2 weeks?

It better be because of the huge traffic jam all my blogs on wordpress are creating.

Thank you.

(i’m so full of it aren’t i??? LOL)

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…on cats out the bag

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 29, 2009

NOT to be confused with 215’s “Catz out the Bag”

my two cats are awesome kitties with the most unusual tendencies, as i’m sure many of you can relate to.

for one, squirt NOT ONLY thinks she’s a dog (plays fetch ALL day, and YES, brings the ball right back to you every single time), but she has this thing about plastic bags. everytime we order food and empty the contents out, she automatically goes in as if its her new home… and will STAY there for as long as we don’t pull her out! when i go shopping i’ll put the bag on the floor and she’ll go right in – EVERY SINGLE TIME.

example on 2 separate occasions… (i will, from now on, document her journeys to bagland.)



sushi, my other cat, is a badass. don’t fuck with her. but on a nice note, she loves to hop in the shower after i open the door and roll around before discovering she’s all wet. then freaks out and jumps out with the “how the hell did i get wet?!” expression – yet she does this every morning.

…on Hello Kitty curry

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 27, 2009


ok yes, i will say more…

hello kitty is ON FKN POINT with their marketing and branding strategy… and have been for YEARS. i want to meet whoever is the brains behind all of this because seriously, i’m in total awe of their production, their vision, their err-thang!

they are UNSTOPPABLE – from MAC cosmetics to waffle makers to japanese curry to toothpicks – WTH???

ALSO – just to put it out there, i have a adventuresofyoshi [at] hellokitty [dot] com; account so feel free to hit me at anytime – seriously. i want to be able to open up my pink email account at work and feel just that much more girly.



that’s my sushi on the side of me… johnny holding her up. LOL

…on being bedridden

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 27, 2009

these past 2 days i’ve been camping out at home. working from my dining room table because i hardly get my internet connection in the bedroom.

i’m feeling a bit better today and i hope to venture outside to see the sun (which i think is shining today).

however. i just wanted to share with you all that since i’ve been home, i’ve been multitasking several things; one of which is my job of course, while the other task i’ve taken up is organizing a twilight girl trip to seattle and vancouver!

what started off as a joke to feed our obsession, has now heightened into a full on 9  female 12 women road/fly trip to seattle/vancouver with ladies coming through from mia, nyc, la, and sf!


basically in hopes of “bumping” into the cast as they are filming new moon, the sequel to twilight and visit forks, washington on the way back to seattle from vancouver.

i’m dead serious. it will be hilarious and it will be historical. i’m thinking that if we can get enough press about it, we can eventually score a meet and greet HAHAHAHA.

now don’t get me wrong however.

although we are all fans, we are NOT tweeny boppers.

we all have secure full time jobs, some with kids, some with husbands. we all have a firm grip on reality. and we all have been brought together by our childish obsession over twilight – what’s so wrong with a little fantasy??

anyway – click here if you are hatin on twilight LOL


…on thinking you have bronchitis

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 25, 2009

i’ve been suffering from a severe cough and sore throat the past few days. its all totally my fault because my ass has been riding around in all kinds of cold weather AND sweating profusely under layers and layers (yes, damnit, i DO sweat… but i DONT smell).

my cough sounds like i have phlegm wanting to puke out of my lungs. my throat burns like i just swallowed spicy kimchee. everytime i cough it feels like my brain just expanded 5x’s its size so that it hits the skull surrounding it. i try to blow my nose to rid of the clogged ear feeling i have right now, and get nothing but a foggy murmur.

do i have bronchitis? i dont think so. i dont want to go to the doctor’s because my medical insurance is switching soon and i can’t get an appointment fast enough before the change.

just trying to heal naturally. no drugs. i’m a lightweight – drugs fuck me up. even tylenol.

i think a hot toddy will do the trick.

done and done.

i’m getting wasted tonight.

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