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Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on April 8, 2009

i can hardly contain myself!

i’m ansy as fuck! looking forward to our upcoming WTFancouver trip end of the month, i’ve been focusing only on work, twilight, and what to wear for the WTFancouver trip.

i decided to get up to speed with some of my fav blogs for inspiration.

however, inspiration turned into “oooh me likey” session:

i believe juley and i were separated at birth…. i ❤ JOE’S SHANGHAI – this joint is the m’fkn TRUF!


LOVE the eye makeup, i’m thinking i want to go platinum blonde soon….


left: i’ll wear my gangsta chain necklace and throw on some dark ass lipstick too. watch. | right: i saw this girl walking down the street earlier this week. fun chanel tights.


since we’re talking about travelling (err, WAS), check out these hideo sakura’s… orange or floral? in your face or flirty?


i had this growing up… well it was my cousin’s, but i really wanted it from him. i used to have a HUGE crush on the ultimate warrior (but only WITH make-up on… i also used to practice my drawing/coloring skills by drawing his mask EVERYWHERE)


stop it right now blogger and i were separated at birth along with juley above. we were triplets. die-hard xmen fan – collected comics and cards. hope my parents still have the box at home.


Image sources via Jak and Jill, Garance Dore, Swank Heights, WeJetSet, STOP IT RIGHT NOW (links provided on right nav bar).


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