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Posted in People by yoshi on April 19, 2009

looky who was in town last week =)




Posted in Fashion by yoshi on April 17, 2009

so i got my shoe order today at work. WHOA – can i do it???? i’m not mad though… shoes were 20 bucks =)



maybe i’ll have to rethink my NEW MOON OUTFIT

MASQUE interview…

Posted in Interview by yoshi on April 17, 2009

i have to admit – i really enjoyed answering the questions that my girl vickie presented to me for their mag – MASQUE. it let my inner femme-bot out hahaha!

i answered questions about style, art, skincare, music, etc… it was fun =)



*add MASQUE to your rss reader or something, because they have a TON of awesome topics!

some of my favorite questions below:



black outfit

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on April 17, 2009
decided to do another outfit for fun =)

black rose

black rose by yoshi_iDR_ftlc featuring James Perse tops

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…on being confucious

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 15, 2009

for those of us who have suffered multiple heartbreaks, i hope the following will help you through… damn, if i could only write a bio of my life LOL – think, valley of the dolls. HA!

ok so this is a convo i had online with one of my girls… i don’t know how my friends put up with my caddy comments sometimes.

so ladies – please take time to read through and i hope you all will learn that women are strong because we’ve dealt with too much bullshit in our lives:

ms. heartache

yosssh how do i get my ass over mr. x
this is fucking retarded
i cant focus for shit


how about this
you’re a fucking idiot falling for an old wash out who works for [insert streetwear brand] and [insert shoe brand] and [insert skate brand].
how’s that?

ms. heartache

pretty good


feel any better?

ms. heartache

not much


he’s got nothing to give you
he’s a NOBODY
yea ok
he KNOWS ppl
but that only goes so far

ms. heartache

i think the one thing that’ll really move me past him is a rational/ nondysfucntional relationship
can you buy those at target?


but you can’t expect that to work either
you just need a rebound
you need someone to like you for who YOU are
not who you WANT to be

ms. heartache

thats money


you’re stuck in a fantasy world ms. heartache, time for reality. TIME TO LIVE.

ms. heartache

i think thats what i needed to hear


take the world in your hands.
its yours to play with

ms. heartache

i totally am
i have no idea why im stuck on mr. x
like… seriously NO IDEA
i think its out of jealousy

*read the rest here… (more…)

travel chronicles interview: WEJETSET

Posted in Interview by yoshi on April 13, 2009

a few months ago i met up with taj and the we jet set team (along with my girl suzzzzz) to answer some questions about travelling… i had NO idea it was going to be like how it was! lol

i had an AMAZING time answering questions on where i’ve been, where i’ve lived, fashion, travel, my opinions about online stuff… etc etc… however, you’re only able to watch a few minutes of what seemed like an hour long interview.

good times good times!

wejetset is ON THEIR SHIT – truth!


my new moon outfit

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on April 13, 2009
outfitnmvancouver trip1 by yoshi_iDR_ftlc featuring Forever21 pumps

so this look is for when i meet RPatz at a bar in vancouver.

YES, it WILL happen.

the red lipstick will be evident when you see pics of him on TMZ with my red marks left on his collar =P

i just bought those shoes too, not from forever, but from (seriously, the shoes on this site are RIDIC! they’re cheap and i know i’m paying for a night of pain, but WHATEVA i’ll drop 20 bucks on shoes ANY DAY).

i also did some shopping online this wknd and bought stuff similiar to what you see above – hehehehe – oooh polyvore.

…on being anti-social

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on April 12, 2009

well, just for the time being.

i’m officially on hiatus until the weather in nyc reaches 60 degrees.

nothing personal to any of my friends, i just don’t really like wind + cold. so for all of your sakes, i’m taking myself out of the social scene lest you want a grumpy yoshi to deal with.

also, i’m strapped for cash trying to save up for the vancouver trip so i can pretend i’m a baller and drop cash when buying drinks for the twilight cast. =P

see you in a few.

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