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when i get colder…

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…and older


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adventures of squirt

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she’s at it again (well, pretty much everyday, but sometimes i don’t have my camera readily avail)… but if you look at her nose, she got grease on it because she decided to sniff my bike chain =P




…on being a 13 year old

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..because i SWEAR i’m like a 13 year old when it comes to the beat freaks and twilight. TOTALLY obsessed.

the beat freaks came to the Fatlace store in SF for a book signing – was i bummed i couldn’t be there??? HELL YES! BUT, thanks to ronnie and mark –

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HEHEHEHEHEHHE!!!! this totally made my WEEK!

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new channels on fatlace

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even though i hate on most women, i still am one… (and i swear, i’m really nice if i like you and you so i hope i haven’t scared you off lol). so check out the new LadyLike channel on Fatlace!


…on being a hater

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putting on earphones… searching for metallica


i will be THE first to admit that i’m the ultimate hater. i drink my haterade with ice thanks.

now don’t get me wrong, i’m probably the nicest most open-armed person you’ll meet in ny, but that’s because i’m genuinely a WELCOMING person.

but look at me sideways… now we have a problem.

i think i have anger issues. i tell my bf that all the time. i also think i’m 25% dyslexic, but i’ll save that for later.

actually, i KNOW i have anger issues – but again, that’s a different story.

back to being a hater-

now, i’m not sure if i’m a hater because all the women in my family are haters, or if it is just something that i acquired growing up.

::JT’s bringing sexy back now plays::

growing up as a filipina i’ve heard it ALL – like many other cultures, i’m sure – we don’t sugar coat SHIT. if you’re getting fat we say, “DAMN, you’re getting fat! What happened? Are you eating too much lechon??” if you’re dating a loser, we say “You can do better, you’re ex was WAY better than THAT. look, he’s too short and/or he’s too dark.” if you’re going through adolescence and have pimples all over your face, “hoy! do you not wash your face? you’re going to have a crater face soon – look at your uncle.”

but you see… as harsh as some of it sounds (i could have given better examples, but its the end of the day at work so deal with it), we’re just being honest!

also, looking back, i grew up with pretty obnoxious and prissy ass girls in school. all i wanted was to fit in. yes, i was a geek with an odd sense of fashion. YES, i had glasses, braces AND a neck-brace to pull back my (more…)

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i’m busy today.

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stay tuned for updates… when i get a moment to breathe.

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