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2 things i heart: juliette lewis and the berrics

Posted in People, Random, Skateboarding by yoshi on June 11, 2009

ok so i blanked out when i was trying to remember her name and was explaining to misslawn that “dude that’s what’s her name outside! you know… the one that played the retard [please advise, i used this term quietly and with respect to those mentally challenged] in that one movie [the other sister]!”

then misslawn looked at ME like I was the R-tard.

anyway i love the berrics. and i heart reda’s wednesdays with reda (he’s lost quite a bit of weight – i forgot to tell you that when i saw you at eps the other day – lookin good reda wowwowowwww!)


reda did a piece on juliette lewis. she’s totally awesome. i heart her.

be sure to check out all 3 parts on the berrics

here’s part 1:


part 2 HERE

part 3 HERE

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