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STATUS mag issue 08

Posted in Interview, People by yoshi on September 10, 2009

**sorry i got lazy, this is a repost from my fatlace blog hehehehe**


i finally received a hard copy of the august/sept issue of STATUS (thanks v!) and i have to admit, i feel extremely honored to be included in the same issue as many of the people i truly admire in music and fashion! for example:

you should already know how much i love lykke li:


meet yuri from!


style bubble


of course you already know my girl wendy


garance dore


and then there’s little ole me! (thanks tracy)


status is definitely on the rise and is dominating not only Philippine lifestyle in print and web, but is slowly breaking through the international front. looking forward to what these guys have in store for us. plus, if you didn’t know, the philippines has some WICKED style:


you can order copies online or have the online version right on your comp! click image below:



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  1. gorillaintheroom said, on September 10, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    word! love lykke li too!

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