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Posted in Random by yoshi on September 17, 2009


What is your current obsession?
maintaining my hair.

What is your horoscope and do you relate?
Aries from

With Mercury going backwards into your house of well being, re-evaluate unhealthy routines and habits. Have you been eating to satisfy your taste buds or nurture your body? Make a note of what you feel like after every meal. Notice the effects of different foods on your energy levels, stress, and thoughts. Experiment until you invent a diet that fills you with vital, life-force energy.

uhm… yes, i’m pms’ing and eating like a mo’fo

What are you wearing today?
topshop denim leggings, jeffrey campbell wedges, hellz black hoodie, bcg black tank

What’s for dinner?
i’m still waiting for lunch.

What’s your favorite decade, fashion wise?
i love the 30’s through 40’s era because i just loooove the look! pin curls??? tight clothing??? high-waisted everything??? yes please!

What are your must haves for summer?
a/c, sunblock, lots of cute dresses and tops and skirts and everything else to keep you cool in this ridic nyc hot humidity… i can’t even THINK about trying to look high fashion in ANY top brands right now. i’ll take you h&m dresses and forever21 tanks. next.

What would you love to be able to afford?
a family. i mean like, my OWN

What is your favorite piece of clothing from your own wardrobe?
hmmm – that’s a toughy, i’m loving all my hellz pieces from style warriors that and this cheap f21 denim jacket lol.

What is your dream job?
being BOSS.

What’s your favorite magazine?
Marie Claire, Nippon Vogue, Vogue, Life & Style hehe, hair mags, ohhh JANE =(

What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
boys wearing tight pants and kanye west sunglasses. girls thinking they fashionable just bc they shredded their tights diy.

Describe your personal style?
wearing cheap shit that looks pricey… wait… here: TOMBOY CHIC

Which Beatle is your favorite?
paul i guess

What are you proud of?
being raised right

Passing this on to. . . betsey, raaachem, lanie, marie, abi, denise, chico, vernie

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