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oh, you didn’t know about williamyan?

Posted in Blogosphere, Photography by yoshi on October 8, 2009

…nor did i until i started using twitter a few months ago.

i began to wonder, who IS this williamyan guy on twitter and why does he always tweet about events that i just left and why didn’t i even get to meet him…? and to be quite honest, i was a bit envious too! how come he knows all my friends and yet, i’ve never heard of him?

so i started following his blog/site and was pretty fucking amazed at how clean the build was… but more so, awed by the content.

his photography and coverage ranges from streetwear events, lifestyle, fashion, couture, photography, personal, YOU NAME IT! this guy bumps into the raddest people and knows just about everyone who IS an “anyone.”

i’m floored because he doesn’t work too far from me and yet iiiii don’t even see some of the people he captures (i guess i’m always too much in a rush trying to grab my lunch or get my starbucks fix to notice terry richardson sitting right there). but also, i think its because william’s approach – so innocent and totally “ZERO-awkwardness” style – when asking to take your photo makes it pretty easy and comfortable to say “sure, i’ll pose/smile for a sec.” i ran into him yesterday and i simply couldn’t resist saying no to him because it was soooo nonchalant.

ANYWAY – let me stop blowing smoke up his ass and show you some of his work:

i wish i had william’s balls to shoot people like the wintour…

and his camera(s) too for that matter lol

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