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…on tights

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on October 15, 2009

and patterns.

they’re on. they’re in.

when i was living in budapest for a study abroad program (which, by the way, was insane in the membrane – BEST experience ever), my roomie and i OBSESSED over patterned tights. this was 2004. there was a store dedicated to socks and stockings all over eastern europe. i forgot the name, will have to google later. CALZEDONIA!

anyway, we would always stock up on the stockings because it was something like buy 5 for $20. SCHWEET!

i don’t have any of my 30 pairs of socks/tights anymore =( i wish i did… lesson learned.


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  1. Rachie-pie said, on October 16, 2009 at 7:10 PM

    have you seen the henry holland alphabet ones? EPIC. i serched high and low for them because black was sold out everywhere..finlly got my pesky hands on them (and legs in them)!!

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