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…on people who think they’re oh so righteous

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on October 21, 2009

so i’m ordering my tall soy no water chai latte this morning from starbucks and as i’m fishing for cash, i hear some guy behind me yappin about how, “people choose to take themselves away from the world with their ipods and block out their surroundings…blah blah BLAH….”

i turn around to the dumbass who’s OBVIOUSLY talking about me (and who looks like the guy who plays the scary caveman kidnapper from an episode of punky brewster) and say to him frankly, “its off.”

he shuts up, but then goes on and says “this is why there is no unity amongst people nowadays blah blah blah…”

i tell the cashier with a smile, “i can hear you fine, thank you.” and give the guy behind me a nasty look.

i decide to shut my mouth because i’m practicing anger control. plus its way too early to pick a fight AND i haven’t had my tall soy no water chai latte yet. but what i WANTED to tell him was:

listen asshole, its motherfuckers like YOU who think they’re all high and mighty because they refuse to stop using tape cassettes and move on to modern gadgetry. perhaps you’re just not smart enough to figure this “new” shit out. but just because my headphones are on, you automatically think my ipod is on. and its fuckers like YOU who break the so-called “unity” when you think you can talk allll this shit about someone behind their back because you think they can’t hear you. listen bitch, i heard every single word you were saying, what makes you think you’re so righteous anyway with your scraggly ass hair?! the reason why i didn’t answer the “barista” when she asked what my drink was, was BECAUSE she was asking the CASHIER and not ME.

ok breathe.

i’ve taken a sip of my tall soy no water chai latte and i feel fine… i may have to poop later though… but that may be TMI.

thank you come again.

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  1. gorillaintheroom said, on October 21, 2009 at 11:25 AM

    hahah maybe he would’ve liked it better if you had a boombox blasting your music everywhere you go… this way, you’re UNITING people by sharing your music!

    how’s he talkin about “unity in people” buttcrack early from someone just listening to their ipod anyway? sounds like he needs to get laid

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