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WNW brought to you by Trackstar and Nike

Posted in Bicycles, Events by yoshi on October 23, 2009

with the help of kyle from DQM, heron of nike, and of course BRAD of TS – trackstar has been converted into a pop up shop from now until november 21st (and i’m guessing this is also part of the Nike STAGES launch with Lance Armstrong):


“WNW is a pop-up installation within Trackstar that works as a companion to the STAGES show. Open Weds – Saturday, 10/22-11/22, WNW is all dedicated to cycling and art in New York. It’s a place for the community to get a sense of what LIVESTRONG and the Lance Armstrong Foundation are about and to connect with people who are stoked on cycling and art.

They will be serving free coffee and donuts every morning for riders headed to work, offering free flat fixes and teaching classes on bike stuff like wheel building and headset installation. There will be weekly rides visiting all five boroughs of the city that will leave from WNW. The London to Paris film will also be screened here.”

the film they speak of was taken and produced by my girl grace. EPIC.

anyway, the soft launch was held last night and it was great to see a bunch of friends i hadn’t seen in a while (since i’ve been off my bike a bit since the accident – wah).



for more fun photos – visit jose’s blog! gah i’m jealous of his photos lol. *also – as you can tell, i’m hardly ever in any of the photos i post of recaps… mostly because i like to be behind the camera (thanks jose!):


for an added bonus – check out my good friend lenny‘s interview as he partakes in STAGES (i saw the old bike – breathtaking… yea, i mean THE bike for lance):

*pssst L – holler haven’t talked to you in a minute homeskillet! you too j. franklin =P

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