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welcoming egon to the world…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on October 25, 2009

my good friends emma and arsenio are expecting a baby boy named egon to arrive in the next 2 months!

what better way to celebrate than to have a party filled with friends, good food, and origami!!! =P

there was japanese curry, pork adobo, indian curry, and some bean/longinisa stew thing that tasted SO AMAZING! i kept going back for fifths! (yes, i said fifths)

we also tried on the “baby bump” – a little scary for me, but the bf took it right on as he chugged his beer.

enjoy the pics!

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  1. emma said, on October 25, 2009 at 7:57 PM

    ahh my official photographer! thank you auntie jess!!! 😀

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