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Posted in Photography by yoshi on October 26, 2009

ask and you shall receive!

from mark in response to my previous post:

Ricoh CX1. Ordered just for you. How’s that for a discount?

BAHAHHAHAHAHHAA – thank you MARK!!!!!! =) what a boss! so here’s the plan, he’s shipping me his ricoh so i can test it out until i return to the bay for our fatlace party next month. he ordered the ricoh CX1 so HE can test it out as well, so we’ll swap when i get to sf next month – YAY!!!!

i’ve ALWAYS wanted a ricoh but could never afford it (surprise surprise) and now i have my chance!!!! GAH! i’m ECSTATIC right now!

ricoh-cx-1-camera-1features include (i don’t know what most of that shit means, but i’ll be a nerd and read the manual before using hehehehe):

Enhanced high-speed continuous shooting functions – Don’t miss the decisive moment.

  • Smooth continuous shooting*. High-speed continuous shooting at approx. 4 frames/sec
  • Continuous shooting at overwhelming speed. **120 frame/sec Ultra-high-speed continuous shooting. With ultra-high-speed continuous shooting, the CX1 shoots during an interval of about one second after the shutter release button is pushed, or 120 images (60 frames/sec.) during an interval of about two seconds.
  • Don’t miss your target. M continuous shooting plus. The M-continuous plus shooting function does continuous shooting that saves the 30 images (30 frames/sec.) taken during the one second or so before the finger is removed from the shutter release button or the 30 images (15 frames/sec.) taken during the two seconds before. By taking your finger from the shutter release just after the decisive moment has passed, you can be sure that you have caught the exact image.

Dynamic Range Double Shot Mode – Decisive reduction of overexposure/underexposure.

It can be difficult to photograph scenes in which the level of brightness varies greatly. With dynamic range double shot mode, the CX1 shoots, consecutively at high speed, two still images with different exposures, and then it records an image that combines the properly exposed portions of each. Expanding the dynamic range up to a maximum equivalent to 12 EV makes it possible to record images that give an almost naked-eye impression. You can select the expansion effect from 4 types, Very Weak, Weak, Medium and Strong on the menu.

Multi-Pattern Auto White Balance – A dramatic transformation for people photography.

For scenes with both sunlight and shadow and scenes mixing flash and natural light (or fluorescent light, etc.) during flash photography, this function can define white balance to fit the light source of each segregated area of the image. This new capability is very powerful for people photography in scenes which could not be adequately handled by past auto white balance functions, which used an average setting for the entire image.
The new image processing engine (SIE IV) has a specialized circuit that analyzes the image broken down into 32×27 areas. The white balance correction factor is defined for the light source of each area. This makes it possible to do white balancing correction for multiple light sources.

Multi-Target Auto Focus – Shoot seven images with different focal distances.

Multi-target AF does high-speed consecutive shooting of seven images with different focal distances determined by the camera. It is effective for scenes (such as flowers) where there is a narrow range for a sharp focus. The camera automatically decides the seven focus points and does the high-speed consecutive shooting of seven images while shifting the focus to each point. After shooting, you can select the image with the preferred focus.

Smooth Imaging Engine IVCMOS sensor – superb image quality.

The CX1 features the highly evolved image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine IV together with a CMOS sensor that enables high-speed image processing. For maximum enhancement of image beauty, the CX1 has the imaging power to brilliantly isolate one instant in time, and for high-sensitivity shooting it achieves sharp resolution and noise reduction without compromising colour reproduction.

Pixel output interpolation algorithm

The addition of a customized circuit to the image processing engine has made it possible to include a pixel output interpolation algorithm that minimizes whiteout in high-contrast situations, thereby enabling you to faithfully capture the excitement seen by your eyes. With techniques that use R (red) and B (blue) information to interpolate G (green) information (which is prone to saturation), the CX1 expands dynamic range by up to +1 EV over previous method.

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  2. Chris said, on October 26, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    I say get the panasonic lx3. I have one and its mad easy to use. plus the 720p video works pretty well in lowlight. The lens sticks out so it doesn’t really fit in your pocket but girls cary bags so its all good.

  3. pinkcandles said, on October 26, 2009 at 9:09 PM

    shit, that sounds like a badass camera!!!! i just have a crappy point and shoot!

  4. chobimay said, on October 27, 2009 at 1:33 AM

    I bought the cx1 in July and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! I used to use a Canon IXY before which I adored, but it doesn’t even compare… (I’ve used Lumix, and Sony before as well)
    The pictures are so clear, and it takes awesome night/club photos as well. I’m loving the fast shutter speed and the colors are so vibrant 🙂 You’ll definitely enjoy taking pictures with it for sure!

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