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prorsum boots? PSH! poland laced boots? PSH!

Posted in Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on November 30, 2009



when i went back home to sf, my girl abi was wearing these awesomely awesome boots that reminded me of the prorsums and JC poland boots, when she told me she got them from forever21 my first question was: ARE THEY COMFY?!

i went ahead and ordered them online and i just got them today. i’m really excited to wear them because YES, they are SO COMFY!!! not only are they comfortable, but they’re also lined with fleece-like leopard print material that will keep my footsies warm during they NYC winter =)

oh, let’s not forget that these boots are the perfect height and don’t make my legs look all short and muscular (damn asian genes). cannot WAIT to wear them!!

oh yea, they’re called the rogeri trooper fashion boot

…outfit post: topshop crew and jeggings

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on November 30, 2009

i went to topshop to try to find a nice crew i could wear for the winter. i found this really comfy polka dot studded sweater for $40 (this was BEFORE my shopping strike). i liked it because it looked like something i could wear all the time.

i added a little “umph” to the shoulders with some shoulder pads i bought… oh and uhm.. i love cropped tops, but my muffin tops and “booty-do” of a belly ain’t cute, so i layered a tank under it for censorship purposes:

outfit deets: topshop jeggings | deena & ozzy boots | bcg tank | topshop crew

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…on thinking i’m a barber

Posted in Hair by yoshi on November 27, 2009

for some reason, i had the urge to purchase some hair clippers. i thought it would be nice to surprise the bf with some new ones…

but as soon as i got home (from watching new moon again lmao) i decided to open the package and test them out. and i gave myself a lil fade… not the crispiest, but it got the work done LMAO. thank you conair for always supplying me with hair gadgets that get me into trouble.

*flame, if you’re reading this, you should know by now that i am like a.d.d. with my hair lol. i promise i won’t fuck with the bleach process from now on though, so no more frantic calls/texts about how i just turned my hair green HAHAHAHA!

i think i used the “3” beard attachment to achieve the look without buzzing it too short.

…outfit post: call me “SIR”

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on November 27, 2009

i decided to “man it up” this day… i also wanted to wear three of my favorite things: flannel, beanie, military jacket =)

outfit deets: forever21 flannel | zara harem pants | deanna & ozzy boots | h&m military blazer | h&m beanie

*shopping update: i’ve only bought food so far and its been 3 days since i’ve gone shopping for clothes and shoes!

who the hell is VASHTIE?!

Posted in Blogosphere, Interview by yoshi on November 25, 2009

well here, check it out for yourselves =)

oh and don’t forget to bookmark LADYLIKE for all your latest updates on fashion, DIY projects, interviews (like below), and everything LADYLIKE!

…outfit post: garters and thigh highs

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on November 24, 2009

i was such a bike slut when i wore this outfit lol… and i loved it. at least the bf was riding behind me the whole way BAHAHAHA! oh, my hair was ULTRA platinum this day… had to wear a beanie, was NOT looking as awesome as it should have lmao…

outfit deets: silence + noise dress, aa miniskirt, hm tights and thigh highs, garter thingy from LF, booties for UO

…on shit i’m diggin

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on November 24, 2009

ok, so in my previous post i mentioned that i was going to avoid all fashion blogs, but most of these images are set in my reader as “inspiration” blogs… so HA =P (i’m so bad)

courtesy of betseyj, rackk ruin, satorialist, mr. newton, jak jil, etc

daynuts and my godson… to be

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on November 23, 2009

while i was back home in the bay, i visited one of my long time friends, dana. i’ve known dana since, oh man, i don’t even know when! we met at church because we both sang. later during high school, i would form a singing group with her and 2 of our friends (yea, we’re SO “pinay” lol, but hey, we got gigs! kinda HAHAHA)

anyway, our eating joint was always elephant bar (yuuuuummmmmm!!!!! especially desserts there! GAH!) so what better way to reunite, then over a e-bar meal complete with brownie sundae! oh yea, she just had a baby boy, connor, and is now living the married life while still trying to pursue what she does best… SING. she is AMAAAAZING.

after lunch, we walked a bit around the mall lol… its been SO LOOOONG since i’ve stepped into a proper mall! there aren’t many close to wear i live/work… it was kind of refreshing hahaha!

TOTALLY ran into my neighbor who was frantically looking for the 2 year old she was baby-sitting LMAO – its ok, her sister was with the kid… at least she hoped! hahahaha (too much flash gah)

dana just asked me to be connor’s godmother – OMGEEEEEEE! i’m really excited to be a good role model (whether religious or not) for him… he’s my first godchild!

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