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Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on November 14, 2009

i decided not to bring my laptop back to the bay with me because i HATE having to take it out during the security checkpoint along with my shoes, outerwear, jewelry, hair product, contact solution, water bottle that i have to evenutally toss out.

i always think its a great idea to leave the laptop behind until i get home and can’t blog for shit. FML.

not only did i forget to charge my camera for last night’s fatlace 10 year anniversary party, but i also can’t upload/edit photos on my mom’s tiny ass laptop – GAH. total fail.

so please be patient for the next post…

in any case, its good to be back home with my family and away from work. its always a culture shock to come back to the bay area (will explain at some point upon my return to nyc) but to see most of my true friends makes me feel more at ease =)

oh, check out for some pics i stole of the fatlace event!

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  1. geisharock said, on November 15, 2009 at 11:10 PM

    heyy, came across your blog whilst googling the sam edelman boots… they are in the basket right now and i’m debating whether to type in my card details and become too broke to eat. all for the shoes. ahhhh decisions decisions. anyway, love the blog, i’m adding you to my bloglist, hope you’ll do the same xxx

  2. geisharock said, on November 15, 2009 at 11:10 PM

    oh wait. which one do i follow.

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