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i’m sick. i’m tired.

Posted in Random, Twilight by yoshi on November 19, 2009

and there really aren’t enough hours in the day for me to post photos and blurbs of my recent trip back home…

the man just left for SF (last minute skate thing) this morning so that means i have all this weekend to myself and my laptop and lots of photo uploading as well as new moon recapping for the reelz channel – GAH!

anyway, i watched new moon last night – an early screening thanks to my homie nat. i’ll just say this: SITTING CLOSE TO A MOVIE SCREEN MAKES ME FEEL NAUSEOUS.

other than that, i was able to chat with some fans and see some old friends from twicon (when i was a correspondent lol).

sorry if this post sounds pretty boring and lame… i’m drugged up on dayquil, i know i know, supposed to be non-drowser, but FUCK THAT, i feel like i’m floating through clouds right now and my arms and fingers are all noodly – you know that feeling?!

ok, i really should stop typing before i sound like a real spaz.

updates soon – i promise!

oh! if you’re in NY tonight, i’ll be hosting a WTForks party with some friends – come through and act silly, i’ll be video taping you:

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