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…on being a LadyLike lady

Posted in Blogosphere, Fashion, Food for Thought, Friends & Familia by yoshi on December 31, 2009

for the past few months i, alongside a group of girlfriends i absolutely adore and trust, have been working on making our fatlace sister site, a one stop shop for women who’s interests stem from fashion, industrial design, streetwear, photography, music, DIY projects, and just women lifestyle and culture in general!

now that i’m moving to SF, i’ll be able to work closer with the west coast team (your LL gals are located across the coast – miami, new york, vancouver, san franicsco; and even across the pacific – hong kong and shanghai!).

we have much planned for the site and cannot WAIT to share with all our followers and supporters and you! oh yea, feel free to leave me a comment – let me know what you want to see more on our site, DIY projects, etc… shit like that =)

oh yea, after i picked up kaezel, my gps “samantha” decided to take us on the scenic route… so we decided to jump out and take pics LMAO, here’s kae – HILAR – super kawaiiiiii

and here’s my attempt to look cute… FAIL. i really give props to all you bloggers out there that can look all “model-like”

*i’ll provide outfit deets in another post lol

then i picked up sandizzle – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER HAIR and she’s always so stylish – damnit sandy! ps she was ALSO wearing a black leather jacket… we were SO an AZN band!!!!

we met up with my girl courtney at xinh bistro (she’s one of the hardest workers i know, other than me lmaooooo – she keeps me in check, for real). we ate thai/viet inspired food and the setting was sooooo nice! they were prepping for NYE.

we talked about our plans, talked samples, accessories, san francisco culture, my move back to sf – gah… very positive conversation (well, for the MOST part, we couldn’t talk about SF without mentioning the haters of course! bahahahahaha!)

check out kaezel‘s $10 top – DAMN HER!

we also could not hold a conversation without mentioning WTForks and new moon – HELLLOOOOO!!!!!

on behalf of myself and all the ladies of – i wish you all a HAPPY 2010!!!!

…on grinding 2010

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Food for Thought, Friends & Familia, Photography by yoshi on December 30, 2009

meet alex. i’ve introduced you to him before, but you must look out for him. he does a brand called homeroom and recently started a new gig at this denim company called levi’s. i’m not gonna lie, we’ve had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, he’s one of the few people in my life that knows and understands me to the fullest. he’s my friend… and he has good style =)

meet rach. she’s the shit. and if you don’t already know her, then you’re SERIOUSLY missing out on some deep conversation. she makes me smile when i don’t want to =P

meet courts. she’s a branding guru and gets shit done – even more than me! she’s like a research/PR/networking genius or something. we’ve also slept in the same bed. don’t ask.

meet S-1. thai chicken bbq. yum.

meet my glow in the dark docs. fkn awsm.

meet this random door sign “it broke” – bahahahaha.

meet benny…… his sticker. he’s one of the best people i know and glad to know i can call him my friend. he has an awesome dog named levi and a brand called benny gold.

…on japanese sticker photobooths

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on December 30, 2009

i ran some errands with one of my bff’s eric a few days ago. we chatted about life and how much we’ve grown yadda yadda yadda and then we got to the really fun stuff: taking pics in japantown’s japanese sticker photobooth area!!!!

all the instructions were in japanese so it was no man’s land once we set foot in those booths, but i think we managed to pull it off (after the guy who worked there tracked us down as we ran from booth to booth not knowing we had to “design” our pics right after we shot them – BAHAHAHHAHA oops – we had a lot of catching up to do =X)


the place is called PIKAPIKA “purikura, photos, and more” lol

1581 webster st. suite 225 (japantown) | 415.673.7898 |

they also have happy hour specials from 4-6!!! m-f only i think

still on “holiday”

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on December 29, 2009

sorry for the lack of posts, i’m trying to look for an apartment, spend time with the family, and handle some bin-ness – BRB! =)

oh but here are some pics to enjoy so far!

…outfit post: bones boots

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on December 26, 2009

i forgot my tripod in brooklyn =( this is my sister’s old room, don’t mind the baby pics…. oh and the old troll collection… hahahahhaaha

outfit deets: h&m leather jacket | forever21 flannel | hellz “attack” tee | topshop jeggings | doc marten bones boots


Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on December 26, 2009

check to see here:


…on shit i’m diggin

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on December 24, 2009

images via studded hearts, jak & jil, serious eats, slam x, candy cranks

…on having a doppelganger

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on December 24, 2009

never thought it was possible… until my parents ripped this jeep ad out of a magazine and left the page on my old bed waiting for my arrival for the holidays. i had to look a few times before realizing it WASN’T me – WTF?!?!

so NOW, sarkis tweets to me that he actually KNOWS her!!! i must meet this woman!!!!

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