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i love me some HELLZ-BELLZ…

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on January 31, 2010

DISCLAIMER: i have a splitting headache as i’m typing this out… oh and i’m hungry… so if i don’t make sense, i apologize in advance lol.

…the past few days have been UHHHHMAYYYYZING. its the most i’ve ever gone out past my “curfew” in a LONG time (i’m usually passed out in bed by 1030 hehe) – probably why i ended up feeling under the weather especially in this arctic cold front we’ve been having – GAH!

ended up hanging out at pat field’s to get my hair did with flame and brit met up with me just in time. we walked around a bit taking shots of well dressed new yorkers then headed back to pat field to meet up with lawn, bam, ryan, and jino.

some of the lovely ladies at pat field ❤ them

ain't she the cutest? she's my twinsie!

lawn just got some awesome news =P hellz-bellz on the come up!

we ended up trekking through the blistering cold, yelling at jino because we weren’t sure which way was which and visited a few stores (seeking shelter at times) until it was time to meet up with the rest of the crew for dinner at congeeeeee village where wendy, ym, vern, and rex would join us.

i look like crap =/ but the rest of the girls always look AWESOME

lawn had a great idea to put my camera on the lazy susan and just whirl it around… hahaha it actually worked out pretty sweet – whatcha think??? BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

wendy had better pictures because jino was just snapping away and didn’t take our full body shots – LMAO

don't ask lol

oh yea, we were styling brit for her next hellz a-poppin whatchu rockin post… LMAO – hey, didn’t look that bad on her!


Posted in Music by yoshi on January 30, 2010

a few nights ago i met up with the hellz team for a night i thought was going to be full of mischief at santos. BOY WAS I RIGHT. i wondered why we were there so early, turned out we were catching a few performances. i was introduced to electro hip-pop meets vogue night and a singer/dancer named JONTE.

i would describe the night as best i could but honestly, you’ll have to watch these videos for the full effect. IN AWE and IN LOVE!!!!


this is from santos – thanks to some chick who was right in front of the stage hehehe – part 1 of 3

this is from japan – quality is better and you can just SEE the moves…

i’m a new fan. THANKS LAWN!!!


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outfit post: plaid and ruffles

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on January 28, 2010

looks like my hair withstood the hands of time (and lying knocked out cold when i got home… wait does that even make sense?!) so i decided to keep the curls in one more day.

woot woot! talk about 2 for 1 deal bahahaha!

so i found this mango shirt in the back of my closet (go figure) and gave it a try – whew! still fit, uhm yea, had to unbutton the last few to give me some air to breathe =X

outfit deets: mango shirt | hellz taxi denim | skeleton docs


got my vans on… with hellz

Posted in Events by yoshi on January 27, 2010

but they look like sneakers…

ANYWAY, last night was the hellz x vans party… it was cuuuuhhhhraaazzzyyy fun!!!! so many friends and fans came out to support the hellz-bellz team in their amazing collaboration with vans!

i decided to head over to where lawn and crew was staying so i wouldn’t have to worry about any lines or guestlist mix ups etc… you know how that shit goes. no bueno if i gotta wait in line for anything =P

this is bam, the man behind gppr – check it. he’s also lawn’s other half… dare i say better half?! bahahhaah jk

i finaaaallly met my twinsie (my white sister from another mother) and hellz intern extraordinaire brittany!!!!

this is angela, she’s the sweetest, i love when she visits (well i guess she’s only visited once before bahahhaa, nonetheless i still love her… AND HER UO FUR HOOD!!!!)

here’s nicole and angela… aren’t they all so cute??

here’s the infamous lawn… GAH – her style… no comment. killin it.

and i FINALLY met michelle after all her emails and packages lol

and then it came time to head out to the partayyyy…

when we got there the place looked so classy! and we also went straight for the open bar hehehehe – anyway my homegirl marissa (and old roommate from hungary) came through (on the left) and of course you should recognize vernie of parisandpascual – xoxo!

my beautiful red-headed j.a.p. hahahaha – kerin – i love her to DEATH *yea, i get red just like every other asian after a sip of alcohol FML

ok honestly, this post is going to get way too long and i just am getting too impatient. so click the below images for more – i’ll be posting the rest of the pics up on LADYLIKE later tonight (because there are 100+ gah!)

**UPDATE: just posted the rest of the photos on LADYLIKE**

oh and check out the cute clip brit made during the pre-party shenanigans… AIN’T SHE THE CUUUTEST??

and just for shits and giggles… yea yea yea… thanks for the friendly reminder KAE. bitch. lmao

don’t forget to check up on LADYLIKE for the rest of the photos! …er… later tonight hehe

for now, peep WhattheHELLZ and Vans x Hellz!

skate check: intheCUTTS w/ cardiel

Posted in Skateboarding by yoshi on January 26, 2010

as i mentioned before, i’ll be transferring all my blog content onto this site =) i also mentioned, well, provided, a disclaimer that there would be more diverse content, one of which is my interest in skateboarding.

so i’ll have to share this awesome vid with john cardiel, legendary skater – sharing some skate spots in his hometown of sacramentoooooo. cardiel is one of the most humble, most down to earth, people i’ve met in the industry – gotta love’m

…on shit i’m diggin

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on January 26, 2010

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Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on January 26, 2010

circa 1999… i think… can you spot me?

futura and his syracuse collection

Posted in Events by yoshi on January 25, 2010

last minute i was able to reel my buddy stash (but i will forever call him josh) into coming out and joining me to say a quick hello to our boy lenny, or as many of you know him, futura. *sidenote: i’ve known both these guys for a while and i cannot THANK them enough for all the hospitality they showed me when i first moved to nyc, i’ll be forever grateful to them =)

basically, lenny linked up with nikesportswear and the syracuse university to create a collection based around the syracuse mascot. tonight, espn and a few players from syracuse sat down for a q&a sesh that i almost interrupted – lenny’s fault, not mine (but yea, i had NO idea who the other 3 guys were =X but i guess the guy all the way to the left is an espn host.. jay corbin? the other two are pearl washington and paul harris… i only found this out bc of the flyer – oops hehehehe):

just as soon as stash and i got there and said our hello’s, we left with an even quicker good-bye. events at 21 mercer tend to get a bit crowded and full of male testosterone.. REAL quick. but i did manage to take some some photos before leaving…

**PS. FML – chico just posted this up… if i would have stayed, i could have met ms. deyn too – GAHHHHH SMH!**

this is kristen – she was runnin shit tonight… she’s also the one who shoo’d me off the “stage” bahahhahaha – my bad… we’ll be working on some future projects together as well, so you should definitely check out her crew over at dirtydebutantesnyc!

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