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futura and his syracuse collection

Posted in Events by yoshi on January 25, 2010

last minute i was able to reel my buddy stash (but i will forever call him josh) into coming out and joining me to say a quick hello to our boy lenny, or as many of you know him, futura. *sidenote: i’ve known both these guys for a while and i cannot THANK them enough for all the hospitality they showed me when i first moved to nyc, i’ll be forever grateful to them =)

basically, lenny linked up with nikesportswear and the syracuse university to create a collection based around the syracuse mascot. tonight, espn and a few players from syracuse sat down for a q&a sesh that i almost interrupted – lenny’s fault, not mine (but yea, i had NO idea who the other 3 guys were =X but i guess the guy all the way to the left is an espn host.. jay corbin? the other two are pearl washington and paul harris… i only found this out bc of the flyer – oops hehehehe):

just as soon as stash and i got there and said our hello’s, we left with an even quicker good-bye. events at 21 mercer tend to get a bit crowded and full of male testosterone.. REAL quick. but i did manage to take some some photos before leaving…

**PS. FML – chico just posted this up… if i would have stayed, i could have met ms. deyn too – GAHHHHH SMH!**

this is kristen – she was runnin shit tonight… she’s also the one who shoo’d me off the “stage” bahahhahaha – my bad… we’ll be working on some future projects together as well, so you should definitely check out her crew over at dirtydebutantesnyc!


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  1. cheeks said, on January 26, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    Ah, agyness was at work earlier in the afternoon

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