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amelia arsenic of destroyx…

Posted in fatlace / ladylike, People by yoshi on February 28, 2010

the other night i met up with amelia! i’ve been a fan of her blog for some time and i just HAD to meet this lady. first of all, not only does she have an amazing array of looks, but she’s seriously one smart and multi-talented woman. i cannot even BEGIN to tell you of her current projects and plans for world domination – and i thought I was busy?!

what i love most about her is her humility and “innocence” (to say the least lol). yea she looks uber hot and sexy when all done up, but she also feels more than comfortable in her day to day get-up which is almost night and day but still so beautiful!

when i saw that my hair stylist FLAME did her hair over at pat field’s… i was ALL over that shit and finally, we got to meet! poor thing stepped in a puddle (keep in mind we JUST had a blizzard) but she still managed to brighten the room with her smile – ain’t she cute?

we had some tapas and drinks at room18 on spring street (google it), one of my fav places, never too packed and the food is always good.

“its not double dipping if you turn it around to dip the non-bitten side”

we talked about a whole lot of random shit (which i will need to save for a LADYLIKE feature), but trust me when i say you’ll be reading/seeing more of her soon, i’m SURE of it.

we wrapped up the evening and i’m so glad i have a new friend! turns out she’ll be staying for a while so i have plenty of time to catch her shows (ANGELSPIT) if there’ll be any here soon!

uhm did i mention she’s also a graphic designer and makes accessories AND make-up?! gah what CAN’T she do?!

oh! she’s also australian which means she has an accent! bahahahha check it out =P (oh yea, i was a bit buzzed, don’t mind my stupidity)

check her out over at DESTROYX… and i’ll let you know when our LADYLIKE feature is up! for now, check out some of her amazing looks:

i miss…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on February 28, 2010

…when weird wasn’t a trend.

…on italian men and chinese karaoke

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on February 26, 2010

a few nights ago while lawn was still in town, we decided to link up for a quick dinner at bread. who’d have thought that our italian waiter would provide us not ONLY with free dessert and a photo opt, but also grace us with us OHSOSEXY italian accent. he’s from pisa.

so lawn AND vern got some eyelash extensions… i VANT!!!!

yea… i only had one drink… i was ALREADY turning red after just 5 sips… the girls had another glass – no thanks lmao – this is our “act NATURAL!” pose.

after dinner we randomly hit up that underground chinese run bar/karaoke joint. this is what happens whenever you yell “PHOTOSHOOT TIME!” when you’re with vern and lawn… professionals lol!

i think it was senior citizen night at the karaoke spot… there were old chinese ladies singing RAP CHINESE SONGS. RAP. i no lie. also, lawn convinced them i was a famous singer in the philippines – sure why not? ps. i want lawn’s new “jew” hat:

oh! yes! i forgot to mention – that’s the top i got from pixie market! don’t you LURVE?!

and maru showed up and we gossiped some more about “beanies” and twilight – woot woot!

i think they were singing “irreplaceable” by beyonce lmao

more of the old people started leaving so we started to take over the mic… cept for this random old lady who kept trying to steal our thunder by grabbing a freaking mic and singing with us – WTF!?

i THINK we were singing one of the songs from grease?!?!

omg – the rest of the night was a fucking blurrrr – but i know we all had a blast and my throat was shot the next day. the old lady was STILL singing as if she were mariah carey performing at MSG… vern decided to steal HER thunder…

good times…

oufit post: curtsy…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on February 26, 2010

i love my forever21 top… it has these buttons underneath it to give it a side bubble effect (i dont know if you can really tell from the photos though..). the crop top over the tank was a gift from my mom when she went shopping for me in the philippines (i gave her a few mood boards bahahahhaha). and of course i couldn’t resist picking up my squirt kitty for a photo op. oh! i’m also wearing my other pink lipstick =)

outift deets: forever21 top | military-ish crop top from philippines | forever wearing my hellz taxi denim | bones docs

make up forever from sephora: lipstick – “203” | liner “16c

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…working on big things

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Friends & Familia by yoshi on February 25, 2010

as i mentioned in my previous post, my evening didn’t end after caracas lol. i took louise with me to have a “meeting of the minds” with the ladies of dirty debutantes, myself and louie representing ladylike. 2 hours and a glass of wine later, we worked out a ton of concepts envisioning a project we all feel very passionate about. we’re still working out the kinks, but i’ll be sure to keep you posted.

after our pow-wow, we needed to feed our brains with ceviche and more plaintain chips… GAH! check out paladar if ever you’re in the LES…

can’t wait to share this project with all of you!

terry richardson and the jersey shore

Posted in Photography by yoshi on February 24, 2010

i just HAD to post these… i love terry… and pauly d LMAO

click here to view the rest on terry’s blog

hellz-bellz at capsule… and our run in with ROB PATTINSON…

Posted in Fashion, Food for Thought, Twilight by yoshi on February 24, 2010

this past weekend i helped lawn set up for her capsule show. this woman is ON A MISSION! she literally just got back from vegas and hopped back on a plane to come back to ny – GAH – how i don’t miss this life lmao… but good thing is – i get to see lawn again! =P

i was able to preview the hellz-bellz sp/su and fall 2010 collections. OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGGGGGGGAAAHHH! i wanted to steal all of the samples, but i think she would have noticed =X let’s just say… if you already dig lawn’s style, she DEFINITELY has put more of herself into the collections.

here are some sneaks:

lawn - can i steal the moleskin from you lmao

hard at work

their press book!

i absolutely love the church capsule was held in. i’ve been in here a few times for cut & paste competitions and some other events, the ambiance of the gothic church always runs chills down my spine…


sometimes i miss doing sales... but this is the calm before the storm

did i mention i was wearing my new vans x hellz shoes? the weather was finally warm enough to wear these out!

after we finished setting up, we walked around and shopped a bit… more lawn than me, but i DID end up buying a sweater from pixie market lmao – lawn got the same one – HAD TO! i’ll post later =P

oh, and then we ran into rob…

then we met up with vern and did some more shopping (kinda… just lawn… again lmao) and then decided to go to caracas for some areeeepppaaassss

i ended up parting ways with the ladies to meet up with some more talented, driven women for a new project we’re working on.. let’s just say, more food, more drinks, more planning on world domination… post to come!

outfit post: oversized sweaters…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on February 23, 2010

yay! i got to wear my $7 sweater! lol and i think rosario got a better pic of me when we met up at starbucks the other day lmao… she has a way nicer camera too, but yea, i was in front of the bathroom bahahhahaha.

and then i finally made use of the adidas peacoat my girl sent me waaaay back when! LOVE the huge collar =)

outfit deets: sweater gap | adidas peacoat | docs | hellz hammer pants

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