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outfit post: my hair is flat and my lips are red

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on February 2, 2010

i was too lazy to set up the mini tripod so i had the bf snap photos of me. again, no countdown, just snaps away… lmao. it was a bit bright in that room, i don’t think i’m THAT pale. and WTF my hair is SOOOOOO flat – i think its cuz i just got it trimmed and i haven’t really had time to mess around with it… let’s hope i can put back some umph later hehehehe… i need to get my roots done too – GAH!

oh ps, those benny gold candles in the background (thx benny)? yea, the bf thinks he’s JAH(n), so i picked those colors out for him =)

outfit deets: chinese laundry high boots | vintage military button up | forever21 acid wash leggings | h&m leather jacket

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  1. Jimmy! said, on February 3, 2010 at 8:23 PM

    That’s a very Jasper look on your face – See what I did there? I used a reference that you’d understand

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