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Posted in Blogosphere, fatlace / ladylike by yoshi on February 9, 2010

sorry i’ve been lacking on daily posts – work has been keeping me locked up and i’ve been busy working on some new things for fatlace and ladylike. speaking of which, i bet some of you don’t know i am the buyer for fatlace huh? see that? new crinkle in  your brain, i’ll include more “did you know that?” random tidbits hidden throughout my posts from now on hahahahhaha…

anyway, fatlace has a new headquarters and it looks SICK. i want to move in and work there please. good shit mark:

also, if you wanna get your bf’s or homies a v-day present, gift them with our exclusive illest crew, only on sale through our online emporium… dooooowit:

also on sale are our HEART OF THE CITY hoodies!!! get yours in time for v-day!!!

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  1. trudy said, on February 9, 2010 at 2:50 PM

    ooh nice new digs! in my new spot i also have a spiral staircase and my mom is super concerned about the pointy edges – looks like they solved that nice & proper! i gotta try it.

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