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a private history lesson for the AF1 and those who love ’em…

Posted in Events, Shoes Shoes Shoes by yoshi on February 10, 2010

yesterday i mentioned that i received a special delivery from NIKE (via 94×50) – looked more like a drug drop than anything, i’m surprised my co-workers didn’t find it unusual i was being given a cell phone in a brown paper bag bahahaha…

anyway, everything came to fruition when we were all asked to meet in front of dallas bbq at 730pm sharp. i saw a few of my friends: dirty debs, erin (mademe/supreme), wil (NSW), new friend chris, new friend richie, brad (complex), chad, vashtie (you should know her by now lol), and a few others – so WHEW – at least i knew these people! bahahaha

a few min go by and a long shuttle bus pulls up and we’re asked to board… HOLLERRRRRRR – PARTY BUS TAKING US TO GOD KNOWS WHERE?! SURE!

we hop on board and kristen greets us with her usual spunk and acts like this is some normal everyday shit bahahaha – then in the bus (which includes our very own stripper pole and corona) we find little basketballs with our names on them. awwwwww!

whoa - dunno why my cam was on zoom lol: sam and tara of dirty debs

our first stop took us to tompkins park to meet up with bobbito garcia. they warmed us up with hot chocolates and story time with bobbito and how heavily air forces (or uptowns lol) surrounded his daily life… it was like our own personal lesson from “just for kicks” or “where’d you get those?” with the man himself.

the next stop brought us to 23rd street, well, around shake shack hahahaha, and we walked into a studio where we were greeted by producer clark kent, yea, you should already know him too. he shared a few of his stories as well.

which are his favorite air forces? white on whites… below are his special pair w/ his kids’ names on each shoe. he also let us know of an upcoming collaboration he’s doing for some new AF1’s – you will DIE when you see them… seriously.

all in all it was an eventful evening full of surprises and great people. we could all agree that the air force 1’s reputation has been overshadowed by the “beasting” of its other nike siblings. no, these shoes didn’t just rise up into the scene because nelly rapped about it and because almost all of hip-hop endorsed the air forces as the unofficial hip-hop shoe; it started on the court – as bobbito stressed to us on the cold b-ball courts of tompkins square park, and then found its way into the music culture with the likes of clark kent who will pass down the “lineage” of his collection down to his own kids and to other kids in need.

we celebrated the AF1’s in style… with hot dogs and alcohol! hell yea!

the last stop ended up at crif dogs… but not JUST crif dogs. oh no, we don’t play that. we entered through the secret phone booth – and into the back we went where we were able to eat and party in style =)

linyee, myself, erin with out "secret phone"

richie and susana

THANK YOU NIKE, 94×50 and everyone who made the night memorable!

oh PS – the girls each got one of these too:


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  1. kay said, on February 10, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    I believe its PPS hehe

    and wow that looked like so much fun =)

    those hot dogs look YUMMY

  2. Ron said, on February 10, 2010 at 5:15 PM

    cool adventure! the kicks are a dope bonus to the whole night

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