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meet two-fifth’s of the herrera’s…

Posted in Blogosphere, Fashion, Friends & Familia by yoshi on February 19, 2010

talk about a powerhouse of siblings!

i met gian and rosario back in 2006 at united tradeshow in vegas, when i was still working with homeroom clothing lol – yea, LONG AGO….

they were working on a clothing line back then and were also researching ideas for a new magazine idea they’d been planning… i honestly didn’t know how huge this magazine would become, and over the years, issue after issue, it surpassed anything i’d ever imagined!

this lil’ magazine is called STATUS, yea, i KNOW you’ve heard of it. not only do they feature the best of everything we’re interested in (i’m saying “we” because if you didn’t have the same interests as myself, then you wouldn’t be reading my blog now would you?), but they also run THREE boutiques in the philippines AND run one of the HOTTEST clubs/venue/eatery in manila! gah i can’t wait to visit!

ANYWAY, fastforward, i got an email from gian to meet up with his sis rosario who was in town for fashion week, so we grabbed some coffee and chatted about pretty much everything! its as if 4 years never passed by and we just picked up where we left off =) her sister teresa came by as well (keep in mind, they didn’t arrive to states together lol). teresa is pretty much the heidi klum of the philippines – hosting their version of project runway – good looks and hard work DEFINITELY run in their blood.

i absolutely ADORE rosario, we have a lot in common and i can’t wait to see what they’ve got stored for the future!

i’ll be seeing you guys in may i can’t wait!

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