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13thWitness and Maestro Knows MK(13)

Posted in Events by yoshi on February 22, 2010

this past saturday, louie and i had a fatty day =) but we also went to see timmy and maestro over at the reedspace for their MK(13) meet and greet.

first thing’s first. our city outting began with nutella crepes from yaffa cafe:

after some small talk we walked on over to the reedspace and luckily we got there before they closed up shop. it was a calm scene over there and very orderly. i think we caught the last few minutes of the meet and greet so i wasn’t able to capture a lot of the “fan moments” as described to me by timmy and jeff – how inspiring =P

timmy's "cutesy" pose ❤

maestro's "heyyyy ladies" pose =)

also met up with rosario there… she is ON THE GO 24/7! love it! she also got to meet the madden brothers, darnit, i knew i should have come earlier lmao. check out her recap over at their blog, GREYONESOCIAL

nico and louie playing catch up =P

and then nico and me playing catch up – because he just got back from asia and because MY HAIR LOOKS AWESOME IN THIS PIC SO I STOLE IT OFF GREYONESOCIAL BAHAHAHHAAH! thanks roario –

making it happen….

of course it wouldn’t have been a successful event without the reedspace boyyyyyyyzzzz:


nice work timmy, maestro and jeff! but wait, where’s MY calendar??? =( lmaooooo

oh i forgot, i’m not done yet, after we left and caught up with some old friends around the corner (rich lol) louie and i decided… hey, let’s eat again! so we went to an choy… shaking beef and portobello sandwiches with a mix of 2 different kinds of gingerale – YUUUUUMY:

and that was that… more photos below =)

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