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DD172: Damon Dash Gallery Opening…

Posted in Events by yoshi on February 22, 2010

ok, i’ll be the first to admit that:

  1. no idea why dame dash would open an art gallery, but i DO wish rachel roy would have been there lmao
  2. not quite sure if this was the real opening of the gallery since there were several dates floating around here and there
  3. did i know any of the artists’ – no. but it turns out my homie china works there now so CONGRATS! but for information sake, the featured artists were: Bobby Castaneda, Jeremy Wagner, Heather Gargon and Hector Ruiz – i was in LOVE with the faux-taxidermy installation!

i wasn’t really planning on going that evening since my week had been a mixture of ups and downs and turnarounds, but i decided to not be lame that night and i kidnapped hyun to come with. he asked me what the event was for and i honestly couldn’t really tell him… we agreed that dash was probably trying to rekindle some kind of nostalgia for “the factory” days with the gallery’s inclusion of a working recording studio, design studio, digital/media studios and offices.

the space is AMAZING. the artwork was tasteful, the drinks were plentiful, the networking was oh-so-obvious, but more so, the guests were, to me, SUCCESSFUL human beings. now i only say this because i’m all too used to attending events with the same people speaking on the same business and dropping names left and right. nothing wrong with that, that’s why i love being in nyc – always a hustle to every hustler. however, that night was a spectacle of people who look like they’ve put in pure, honest, hard work. those who were fortunate to get through the crowds and into the space (thank you SAM), were immediately sucked into this mixture of successful stylists, designers, musicians, and PROFESSIONALS, who could care less about those the latest brand x brand colab tee you’re rockin.

it was a beautifully choreographed dance of… SOCIAL NETWORKING (thanks jimmy) at its BEST. ok i think i just totally went into some kind of zone there for a min – my bad!

anyway – this is hyun… working hard… on facebook. lmao – he’s smart. i like hanging out with him. he runs a lil marketing agency called LTD+.

we headed on over to tribeca and saw that there was already a huge crowd in front of the space. luckily i caught eye with the homie, yea, you know sam – the one i’ve been posting about: “the gatekeepers,” who let us right in – thanks sam!

it was PACKED.

the crew! L-R: china, jenn, friend (gah i forgot her name =X), april, i THINK murph??, amy, and friend – aren’t they all stylin?!

bongo boy was there too… he asked me a few questions and i did my best not sounding like a damn fool. FAIL. plus look at my windblown hair! thanks HYUN for telling me! i’m really glad i’ve been able to witness this kid grow up, i think he grows at least 2 inches every time i see him – check out his lil clip, he got some good/quick mini interviews:

creative control also posted a video recap:

when we left, the line looked like it grew 10 times longer than when we entered. the cops actually shut it down due to over capacity… it was nuts! anyway, you can view more photos on china’s flickr =) HERE

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  1. China said, on February 22, 2010 at 5:02 PM

    aahhahaa. i just showed dame this post and he read the whole thing…and he goes…oh yeah that was that lil chinese chick right? yeah i seen her. hahaaa.

    • yoshi said, on February 22, 2010 at 5:12 PM


  2. Jimmy! said, on February 22, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    Bongo boy cameo. Nice. He seems like a nice little boy. He’s getting so tall and he looks older. He’s like in that puberty stage. It’s like watching Family Matters and one day you see Urkel all grown up and you’re like, what!? What happened!?

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