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…on izzy’s 1 year bday

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on March 31, 2010

my beautiful niece turned 1 two weeks ago – WAAAHHHH she’s growing too fast! she even skipped the whole crawling thing and went straight to walking! meant to post these a while back, but i forgot my camera for a few days hehehehe.

isabella… she’s gonna break lots of hearts this one… my cousin and her hubby are gonna have to fight the boys off!


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outfit post: this is MY birthday suit

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on March 31, 2010

i found my bowtie!!!! (thought i lost it this morning hehe)

outfit deets: short sleeved button up AA | denim pants UNIQLO | shoesies VANS x HELLZ | 2-finger ring HOMEROOM

ew excuse the black dirt on my thumbnail… i think its from my mascara loooool

…on being 27

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on March 31, 2010

i will still tell everyone i am 25.

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…on sharing my life with the philippines

Posted in Blogosphere, Food for Thought by yoshi on March 30, 2010

i’m so honored to have been asked to contribute my life here in nyc to status magazine’s blog! i can’t wait to go to the philippines and link up with these guys <3!

ps. i’m going to the philippines end of april for the first 2 weeks of may! holler!!!! cannot WAIT!!!!!!

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creative cookie… sounds yummy

Posted in Interview by yoshi on March 30, 2010

hehe creative cookie did a lil feature on lil’ ole me! thanks laura!

the best part was someone left a comment asking if i was one of the dimepiece girls BAHAHAHAHAHA! do i look like laura or ash? xoxo!

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…on shit i’m diggin

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on March 30, 2010

images via… a LOT of diff places like chari, serious eats, is mental, face hunter, yvan, jakjil, prolly, hel looks – etc etc – sorry too many to link

…on more riding

Posted in Bicycles, Food for Thought by yoshi on March 29, 2010

get used to it folks… the weather is getting better and i’m going to be posting more outdoorsy bike pics! ps. i finally got a helmet. and YES, i DO wear it and YES i DO have a brake on my other bike now =) these were taken about 2 weeks ago… gah – riding is so therapeutic.

stopped by the chelsea piers to check if the new skatepark was open yet… NOPE!

i love the view from the west side…

then we cut through downtown to get to chari where we hung out for a bit… no pics because i always post pics of the shop lol.

the end.

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…on cooking: baked spaghetti and bruschetta

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on March 28, 2010

pronounced: “BRU-SCET-TA” – i believe…

actually, don’t quote me on that.

anyway, finally got some grocery shopping in this weekend when i realized on friday night, i didn’t have SHIT to eat. ended up throwing whatever i had into a sauceless pasta. basically ate linguini with butter, garlic, rosemary, chili peppers, salt and pepper. yea. i KNOW. however, i HAVE to admit, it really wasn’t that bad… maybe because i was starving…

i wanted to redeem my pasta faux pas with good ole baked spizghetti… i ended up having a few tomato slices left over and thought, well, i have enough to make bruschetta!


  • rosemary (optional)
  • garlic – lots of it… ok maybe like 3-4 cloves will do you good
  • olive oil
  • tomatoes, i prefer the smaller plump ones – i’m no chef so idk wtf they’re called, they’re just more red and smaller (no not the cherry tomatoes) about 4 of those
  • pre-made spaghetti sauce, again, i’m no chef and i’m too impatient and hungry to make my own damn sauce – i went for prego’s traditional sauce
  • french baguette – in my case, spanish made french bread lmao – what? i live in bushwick.
  • spaghetti
  • ricotta cheese
  • mozzarella cheese
  • if you have a cast iron skillet even better, if not, just bake it in one of those baking pie thingies

step 1: chop the rosemary and tomatoes up. I LOOOOOVE THE SMELL OF ROSEMARYYYYYYY

step 2: sautee the garlic, about 3 of those tomatoes you chopped up, rosemary, salt and pepper (i like using kosher salt)

step 3: oops i forgot to mention, make sure you’re already boiling your noodles hehe

step 4: dump the sauce in

step 5: at this point, you can start preparing your bread for the bruschetta. i prepared by taking nibbles from my bread hehehehe

step 6: i put a lil olive oil on the bread and topped it off with garlic, the rest of the tomatoes and rosemary, a lil bit of oregano too, salt and pepper

step 7: pour the spaghetti in your sauce and top it with ricotta cheese

step 8: then you can top both bruschetta and spaghetti with mozzarella cheeeeeese

step 9: give your spaghetti a headstart to bake and throw it in the oven for about 10-12 min

step 10: then you can throw in your bruschetta with the spaghetti for about 5 min (or until you see the cheese melting)

*while you wait, you can be entertained by sushi the cat:

step 11: once you see the spaghetti all baked, toss it in the broiler to give the cheese that burnt final touch =P about 3 min


altogether, only took about 30 minutes to prep and bake (and 5 minutes to scarf down)

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