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…on spring being oh so NEAR!

Posted in Bicycles, Food for Thought, Friends & Familia by yoshi on March 8, 2010

this weekend we had the perfect spring time weather! what better way to celebrate than to take the bikes out for a ride around the city! (but not without fighting a great battle with my flat tire)…

we ended up going to the reedspace annex to check out the mighty healthy pop-up shop and saw some old friends! looked like a lot of people were out of hibernation =P


the bf and his jailmate ray… pause. they’re trying to look mean. lmaoooo – long story.

thanks ray for hooking up the bf with some fresh gear and THIS shirt… because we are (don’t mind my hair – looks cray cray):

oh, if you read my previous post… you’ll know why suz is flipping me off… i was a lil late lmaoooo

*more photos below*

we stopped by self edge, a couple stores to the right of reedspace where we ran into allen. self edge hails from SF and i’m glad to see they’re still killing the denim game. such quality! great job kiya!

*more photos below*

afterward, we hit up a few more stores around the area and then hopped back on our bikes to find me some legit riding gear. the bf is tired of me not having the appropriate shell, so he’s going to buy me one for my bday =P saw a sweet one at patagonia – now all i gotta do is wait 2.5 more weeks!

pizza break at ray’s!

yeesh – my bike is dirty…

we also passed by 21 mercer to say hi to chico… the bf is practicing for his next model shoot bahahhahahaha

uhm…. where else did we go… oh! we also went to A.P.C. where the bf got his first pair of “tighter” denims bahahhahahaa! not bad, also found out our boy works there too – DEAL!

we ended up riding back to bk and decided to munch and sip on some sweet goodnes from saints alp on bedford. i had the almond bubble tea and their infamous thick toast with butter and condensed milk with a splash of fatness.

here’s the bf reading his denim care instructions – kinda reading…

what the forks?!

so yea, that was pretty much our saturday =) oh and then i got home to get my kitties set up with their blog BAHAHAHHAHA!

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  1. Jimmy! said, on March 8, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    oh, okay, very pleasant!

  2. denise said, on March 8, 2010 at 9:50 PM

    FUN!!!!!! so jealz missing ny loads hahahaha

  3. krisyee said, on March 9, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    umm your food looked delicious!

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