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Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Friends & Familia, Music by yoshi on March 24, 2010

when i used to live back home in the bay, dana (the mother of my first god-son!) would always ask me for some styling tips for photoshoots and auditions and stuff (she’s an INCREDIBLE singer). we used to have a lot of fun going through her wardrobe and putting outfits together. when i moved, we were both bummed  that i wouldn’t be able to give her a hand since i’d be on the other coast, but alas, thanks to ichat and mobile pics, she was able to pull my vision off gracefully…

doesn’t she look stunning?!?!

so what were the tips i gave her? well she basically showed me the dress she wanted to wear, which you see above.

  • i asked her to show me a pic of thin belts she had, preferably red, which she had (yay)!
  • i sent her examples of shoes she should wear, in return she sent me a pic of shoes she already had – and boom! eyed out the pair above.
  • i told her to pull together the attire with red accents, since she already had the belt, i told her – red head piece of some sort, perhaps a flower, and red lips and nails!
  • then i showed her some images of gwen stefani and her hair do’s – because you all should know by now that i’m a huge fan of pin curls and rockabilly action =)

so happy she was able to pull it off and i am STILL able to lend her a hand! =)

check out DANA’s YOUTUBE

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  1. Carl Fredericksen said, on March 25, 2010 at 1:22 PM

    i have to agree with jameson. colors and framing are excellent

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