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Posted in Travel and Trips by yoshi on April 30, 2010

as you can probably tell, i’ve been busy busy busyyyyyyyyyyyyy at work trying to finish all my shit before my 2 week vaca in the philippines!!!!

it was probably the longest 4 day work week EVER. having to clock in 12-14 hour days… yea… thus is the life of a digital producer =/

anyway, i’ll try to give you updates as much as possible, but i highly doubt it because i’m really trying to give myself a break from the internet and focus on the real life.

if anything – MAYBE i’ll update my twitter.

see you soon!!!!!

day 3: ate jaz and kuya joey’s nyc trip…

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on April 27, 2010

we did a lot. as you can tell =P

day 2: ate jaz and kuya joey visit nyc…

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on April 26, 2010

this is another speed post because i’m (again) busy as hell at work. basically:

  1. met in times square to pick up my sis and joey, there was a dance festival and girls were dancing on the street…
  2. ate at an expensive ass diner because we didn’t want to eat at mc d’s
  3. got tickets to watch in the heights – HIGHLY recommend!
  4. walked up to central park where john and joey climbed up rocks… joey… kinda did =)
  5. picked up my cousin and ate flip food in queens!!!!!!!!! nom nom noooommm

VOTE for the newest GLEEk!!!!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on April 26, 2010

my bff DANA!!!!!

(click the image to vote!)

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SCHMOOPS by zoobuffalo

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on April 25, 2010

hahaha – check out emma and my impromptu photo sesh outside our new office! get hand-made circle scarf, i SWEAR, you need to buy one of these from her because it will safe your life! =) i have one!

SCHMOOPS by zoobuffalo on Etsy

wow, my hair is lonnnng. but i just cut it… and bleached it again… hehehe see:

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Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Photography by yoshi on April 23, 2010

suz has moved on to capture film… me likey!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "NONSTOP by SML", posted with vodpod

BLVCKSCVLE x Supply Circuit x G-Shock Event by Karmaloop

Posted in Events by yoshi on April 22, 2010

last night i managed to get out of work and attend the aforementioned event over at the foundation lounge in les. of course, there was a line. but oh lucky me i got called over to the front and was given my little black wristband by sam and kris because i was one of their VIP guests! SAAAHHHH-WEEEEEET!

i went in and susana told me there was a bottle of belvedere waiting for me at my table.

say WHA?!

i love those dirtydebs… they know how to DO IT.

jarah (thefndtn) & sus (dirtydeb) sportin her GSHOCK

ms. @cocoabella

eric (anthem mag) et moi

ray (mighty healthy) and mel (villageslum)

sam (dirtydeb) workin it!

wil (karmaloop) and my old boss dre (thefndtn)

kristen (dirtydebs) lookin all hot!

alex!! (thorocraft)

nico!!! (reedspace/staple design)

TJ!!! (dirtydebs/thefndtn)

ashley!! (thefndtn)

mm (dirtydebs) hehehehe

i heart angie

sus and nick

bhahahhaha - oh ray. "school picture smile"


jan (epiphany)

we all had a blast and i even came home with a gift!


more pics on ray’s blog on hypebeast

ate jaz and kuya joey: day 1…

Posted in Uncategorized by yoshi on April 22, 2010

i’ll keep this short and sweet because i’m under some time constraints at work (we’re about to move offices).

  1. i met my sis and joey at their hotel in times square.
  2. we met the bf in chinatown so we could have joe’s shanghai for dinner.
  3. we ate.
  4. A LOT.
  5. we went back to times square and visited m&m store.
  6. the end.
  7. just kidding, i forgot we got ice cream at cold stone. THE BEST.
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