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girl’s night out part 1: delicatessen, yoko, DQM x loveme

Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on April 10, 2010

the other day i decided to “spring” it up with my new INSIGHT dress and flaunt that shit after work LMAO i kid i kid!


i met up with my gal pals vern and wendy to grab some dinner at delicatessen.

yum... calamari

yummm... sangria (i only took about 5 sips because it was too strong =X thanks vern for finishing it for me hahahahha

i ordered the mussels (they look like vajayjays)

wendy got the fried chicken bucket

vern got fish n chips

after dinner, we all went to vern’s place to say hi to YOKO hahahaha!

maria and maru showed up, so we decided to turn it into a full on ladies’ night and got ready to meet up with my SF loves rach, michelle and her 2 sisters, agnes and patty at 169 bar for the DQM x loveme release.

we finally headed out to meet up with rach and the girls at 169 bar.


oh yea… there was a band… uhm. they were cool! yea…

rikalika and her mc d’s – I WAS JEALOUS.

kyle and his blog me face!

awwww carl… he’s shy… riiiiiight..

mike says helloooooo to all you ladies

rach and the girls called it a night early (i think because i told them that gray’s papaya was literally 2 blocks from their hotel…) and then we were joined by more friends!

we ended up being that really loud group of obnoxious females in the corner… the night didn’t end there however… more to come…

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