the adventures of yoshi

…on styling part 1: JERSEY

Posted in Bicycles, Fashion, Food for Thought by yoshi on April 10, 2010

a few weeks ago a friend of mine tweeted that his girlfriend was desperate for some wardrobe help. he said that if i could come to their place in jersey, go through her closet, give her some style tips, take her shopping, they would give me money in return, uhm….


i considered it my version of TLC’s “what not to wear,” but as rach aptly named it “WWJD?” – what would jess do? bahahah get it get it? ok.

that weekend i took the path train for the first time to jersey city, it really wasn’t that bad at all! i got off at grove st and paid a visit to matt who works at grove st bicycles when he’s not working at shut (and who is also the friend who’s girl was in need). the shop was pretty busy as it was one of the first nice weekends of spring.

cori, his lady, met us and we hit if off right away. she’s so perrrrty. half korean and cuban i believe. her style reminded me of my sister, very basic. this was gonna be fun.

we walked a few doors down to a vintage shop called another man’s treasure. we combed the racks and picked out a few pieces for her to try on. she was SUCH a great sport! totally open to try new things on. and little did she know, she had such a great “classic” look, that a lot of the vintage dresses totally suited her look and physique.

the shop itself was ADORABLE including the shop owner (gave her a few LADYLIKE stickers)! she was so helpful. i ended up buying a bowler/fedora hat. cori bought a few dresses, belts and tops for a steal!

after doing our damage at the store, we headed on over to matt and cori’s place to see what we could do with her current wardrobe… uhm… i thought MY bf had too many bikes?!?! let alone SKATEBOARDS. damn matt its like a fuckin shop in thurrrr!

one of their 2 cats! =)

her closet… she has a nice walk-in… i’m jealous.

size 5 feet. OMG. tinnnnyyyy.

on that note. this will be a “to be continued” post because i forgot to put the rest of the photos on my home computer hehehehehe =X.

part 2 coming up!!! =)


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