the adventures of yoshi

…a visit from catzie, kerin, and ms. ADITI!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on April 15, 2010

after our fat day adventure, we all headed back to rach’s hotel/apartment by union square… nice location, but mice infested – AWleifha;woiefhapweihfkjawpoifh!

sorry, grossed out there for a min.

the whole day i was texting back and forth with catzie and kerin to see if i would actually be able to finally meet ms. little aditi! catzie BEBE! so FINALLY we connected and they drove over to the apt!!!!

GAH i love me my kerin!!! and i miss catzie!!!! its been too long!!!! the last time i saw her she was preggers w/ diti GAH! so CUUUUUTE!

if she could talk she would be saying in this pic: “hi! my name is diti! my birthday was yesterday and i just turned 1. don’t you like my drop crotch pants and sandals?”

eeessh – i look HORRIBLE. i’m going to blame it on the fried food and the allergies. but the rest of the gals are HOTNESS. am i jealous of kerin’s do? YES.

yes i am.


official “a-morir”

rach tryna get her hair to puff. i wasn’t much help. she had way too much hair lol.

we parted ways and i walked kerin and catzie out…

off the shoulder. like mother like daughter.

aditi’s bunny necklace hehehe


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