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all saints boutique on broadway, nyc…

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on May 31, 2010

i told myself not to get too psyched on all saints because of their prices. but i couldn’t resist the urge to take a peek inside and check out their stock.

i swear, its as if someone is taunting me – showing me everything and anything i would want in my wardrobe while CRUSHING my hopes with over the top prices… WAAAAHHHH!

from their deconstructed tanks, to their boots, to their miniature collection for children, i WANTED IT ALLLLLL!!!!! but a tank for $135??? i couldn’t do it!


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outfit post: flower puff girl…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on May 31, 2010

my attempt at “modeling” BAHAHAHHAHA – FAIL.

outfit deets: dress (H&M) | sandals (i forget) | tan (thank you philippine sun!)

Public Consumption at the Puffin Room NYC

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Events by yoshi on May 30, 2010

last thursday my girl tanya, et al, curated a 4 floor art show exhibiting voyeurism through all aspects of art: video, photography, graffiti, you name it. 40 nyc based artists showed off their work for “public consumption” at the puffin room in soho, including my bff suz =P.

nice work ladies!!!!

oh! i even bumped into schmangy, lyz, hana, her friend, and nam!

suzette’s photos are on the left, i may have to purchase a print from her so i can have claudia’s tattoo’d ass hanging on my wall =P

speaking of suz and claudia…

schmangy’s friend edda, created that huge work of art on the left… if you look up close its all drawn out using words!

that’s edda:

i also ran into heron‘s smiling face… and those perfect teef!

i was actually at the puffin room 2 days earlier and this mural below was just a rough sketch in a corner! nice work curtis!

hello japan!

going up and down the steep stairs was a bit tricky, but called for some great conversation with these girls in front of me. they all had wedged heels and flowly skirts…let’s just say there was a lot of draft coming from the open door downstairs lol…


…on being flawless

Posted in Blogosphere, Fashion by yoshi on May 28, 2010

awwwwwwwwwww shucks =P

one of my fav bloggers, jade or flawlessmistake, just gave some love to a few other bloggers – including yours truly – on her site! how sweet! thank you thank you thank youuuus!

i forgot how i stumbled on her blog, but i swear, i think we were separated at birth – or is it because i just want to curl my hair again just like hers??? lmaooooo, ok i lie, i also want her legs. ain’t she a cutie?! i really dig her style – effortless and isn’t afraid to wear bow ties either =)


anywho – this is what she wrote – i literally LOL‘d:

Jessica of “The Adventures of Yoshi

A girl after my own heart. When I discovered her blog I was instantly a fan of her style. Our styles are so similar. Her mixture of feminine and masculine pieces are so well put together. After she left this comment on one of my posts,

“AAAHHHH omg – if cropped off your head, changed the color of your skin, cut/straighten/bleach your hair, we would TOTALLY be twinsies! LOLLLLLLL ok that sounded way weird lmaoooo – but yea, i could totally see myself rocking this outfit too – i got the same boots and tee and cargo shirt!’

I knew this girl and I were meant to be friends. Lol. Oh. if you read this Jessica we DEFINITELY have to hangout this summer when I come to the city. :)

and this is the photo of her that i commented on:

seriously, let’s hang out one day and match. thanks. =P

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outfit post: tie-dye, but not really…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on May 28, 2010

as i post some of my purchases from the philippines, i’m beginning to get pissed off at myself for not spending more money and splurging on the amazing deals i came across while shopping there. GAH! what was i THINKING?!

well, here’s another cheap top i bought from greenhills. i liked it because of the batwing shape along with the purple faux tie-dye print. how much did i buy it for? about $5! LOOOOVE!

outfit deets: tank (greenshills) | grey tank (aa) | waterproof pants (it was raining, courtesy of OUTLIER!) | doc martens | my favorite hat (vintage)

G-shock x In4mation Leukemia Benefit

Posted in Events, Fashion by yoshi on May 27, 2010

a few nights ago i attended an in4mation x g-shock sponsored leukemia fundraiser at soho grand. it was a more than perfect evening to get back into the swing of things after being away for a bit.

it was soooo warm out that night, the vibe was chill, the people looked fabulous, the drinks were plenty, and best of all, almost everyone there shelled out cash to purchase raffle tickets and donate to the kenny brime fund.

the raffle was also a success – SO many people left the event with goodies in tow. i, for instance, won a baby-g in4mation g-shock! =)


outfit post: i love my new plaid shirt…

Posted in Outfit by yoshi on May 26, 2010

yet another purchase from the infamous greenhills shopping center in the philippines! i love it because its an oversized shirt with slightly detailed pleats so that it kind feathers out like a skirt! you can’t really tell from these photos (and yes, i took multple because i was having a DAMN good hair day bahahahahaha), but there’s some magenta and pink in the color palette – i’m kicking myself for not buying at least 3 more colors GAHHHHHH!

outfit deets: plaid shirt (bought from greenhills for $15) | hellz denim | h&m leather jacket | cherry docs

oh! and i’d like to give a thank you to THE FADED blog for having me on your style watch section! thank youuuuu! ❤

…on fashion knock-offs

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on May 26, 2010

why chanel can never sue h&m for knocking them off…. a REALLY good presentation – worth watching all of it (or listening for those of you at work lol).

Johanna Blakely: Lessons from fashion’s free culture

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