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Public Consumption at the Puffin Room NYC

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Events by yoshi on May 30, 2010

last thursday my girl tanya, et al, curated a 4 floor art show exhibiting voyeurism through all aspects of art: video, photography, graffiti, you name it. 40 nyc based artists showed off their work for “public consumption” at the puffin room in soho, including my bff suz =P.

nice work ladies!!!!

oh! i even bumped into schmangy, lyz, hana, her friend, and nam!

suzette’s photos are on the left, i may have to purchase a print from her so i can have claudia’s tattoo’d ass hanging on my wall =P

speaking of suz and claudia…

schmangy’s friend edda, created that huge work of art on the left… if you look up close its all drawn out using words!

that’s edda:

i also ran into heron‘s smiling face… and those perfect teef!

i was actually at the puffin room 2 days earlier and this mural below was just a rough sketch in a corner! nice work curtis!

hello japan!

going up and down the steep stairs was a bit tricky, but called for some great conversation with these girls in front of me. they all had wedged heels and flowly skirts…let’s just say there was a lot of draft coming from the open door downstairs lol…


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  1. […] to an art show last week at the puffin room! of course had to support suz’s photography =) also ran into heartymag head honcho hana! […]

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