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…jamaican smoothies, jerk chicken, park, and rooftops

Posted in Bicycles, Travel and Trips by yoshi on June 2, 2010

over the memorial day weekend, and what a BLESSED weekend it was – especially the weather, the bf and i decided to take a nice bike ride through brooklyn and hit up some of his favorite JAH-maican spots.

even rode by my old apartment in bed-stuy/crown heights – awww how i miss it =(

smoothie time!!!

then we passed by a… uhm… hmmm… rasta inspired shop?


then to get some jerk chicken.

then eat it at prospect park.

after relaxing at the park, we got a text to meet up at our friends’ kyle and tracy’s new apt where they were having a rooftop bbq in LES… so, we started to ride toward manhattan bridge and along the way we passed by my friend’s shop THE BROOKLYN CIRCUS. i hadn’t been there in over 2 years! so glad they’re still going strong – even got a new location up the block from the original!

i was so glad to run into a familiar face – dj KOHEY!

went over the manhattan bridge…

then made a quick stop in chinatown so i could inhale a banana split… IN A CUP!!!

FINALLY made it to kyle’s place where we were greeted by their doggies: frankie and talula!!!! oh how i’ve missed them!!!

their rooftop is SIIIIICKKKKKK!!! we literally were the first ones there and after hanging out for about 6 hours, there were more than 40 people on that roof – INSANE! we all had a blast though – great way to try to even out my tan =) thanks tracy and kyle for the hospitality!




todd, rb, and more people started to show up…

john igei and john bush =)

even MORE people…

the sun started to set…

shanny and her new do!

frankie, ben and t. jordan


finally, we just had to call it a day… or else i’d suffer from sun stroke or exhaustion! good times good times…

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  1. Ericka said, on June 4, 2010 at 6:26 PM

    i love the hair 🙂

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