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…meet some of the ladies of Ladies Lotto

Posted in Blogosphere, Events, Fashion, Friends & Familia by yoshi on June 8, 2010

this past weekend i was able to do a little meet and greet with a few fellow members of an online women’s community called LADIES LOTTO.

we all met at sam‘s AMAZING apartment in tribeca.. truly stunning. (that’s her in the yellow btw)

what IS LADIES LOTTO?  well, i’ll let them tell you:

Ladies Lotto is a finely-cultivated international lifestyle and networking community aimed at developing the professional and personal success of independent women. As a collective, Ladies Lotto shifts the paradigm in the way women work together creatively to build strategies of allegiance and growth through culturally relevant projects and positive social impact campaigns.

Operating under a simple yet revolutionary vision of promoting alliance amongst intelligent women since 2006, Ladies Lotto has been enhancing relationships to help a predominantly creative set become centered and whole. Ladies Lotto’s ongoing motivation, point blank, is to shake up how young women do business.

Ladies Lotto exists to facilitate a nurturing, cultural community where members help one another in their efforts to advance throughout the major market centers of the world. Fostering entrepreneurial enterprise while building extensive cultural and art related projects for its greater peer communities, Ladies Lotto’s closed session monthly meetings remain a primary resource for brands seeking the opinions of female tastemakers.

natalie (founder of LL) with mascot stella =P

we shared personal stories with each other and learned more about what each of us do for a living. i was fascinated that these women, including myself, all shared something in common: the passion to pursue the shit that we love – whether it be fashion, journalism, design, or event coordination.

one particularly member, my girl ruby, is a prime example of a woman working hard to reach her full potential, and then some. she’s currently in the top 3 running to become the head blogger for alicia key’s I AM A SUPERWOMAN project. so be sure to COMMENT on her blog entries until June 20th!!! we’re rooting for you ruby!!! check out her LADIES LOTTO recap HERE =)

we’ve got a lot going on with LADIES LOTTO and we’d like ALL of you to be a part of this amazing network!

LLadies Top L-R: yours truly, lindsay (PR for self magazine), samantha (designer for gif+d), jessica (event coordinator – event freaks),  jasmine (stylist)

LLadies Bottom L-R: samantha (producer for associated press), ruby (as mentioned above, get to know her!), natalie (founder of LL and account manager for NYLON mag)


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