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…skate date?

Posted in Skateboarding by yoshi on June 22, 2010

a couple of weeks ago (yes, i know, i’ve been lagging!) the bf and i made some plans with our friends, rodney and his girl monica. we decided to go on a “skate date” in which we, the girls, would sit and watch our boys skate… yes. that’s right. lol

i don’t mind it so much since i really do enjoy watching these guys get down and dirty and do some crazy ass shit on a piece of wood and 2 sets of wheels. when i was in high school i used to skate… not like SKATE SKATE, but i could maneuver here and there and ollie… stationary… if i were on grass…

anywho – its been a long time since i’ve been to an indoor spot – the last time was about 2 or 3 years ago when i first started dating the bf and he and his old roommate, joey pepper (i love joey!!!) went to the “drop in” jersey. it was winter. there was no heat inside. i was cold. however, i DID manage to film 2 of joey’s kayo clip of the weeks! woot woot! even did the little hand over viewer thing… bahahahaha! found the clip!

ok back to the skate date. we ended up going with a few other guys, and took the train over to park slope-ish where homage skateshop had a small indoor set up. pretty dope. good times indeed…

i also have footage of our excursion… but i don’t know how to edit them together… so that will have to wait for another time hehehehehe =X

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