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Rogan x BFF

Posted in Bicycles by yoshi on June 23, 2010

the BFF (bicycle film festival) just ended last week. with my busy schedule i was only able to attend a couple of events and wasn’t able to watch any films – womp womp.

one of the events i went to was the Rogan: BFF shindig where attendees kicked off the 10th anniversary of BFF by watching a few select short films curated by brendt barbur, the founder of bff.

i had a quick meeting with my friend jill (which i’ll share with you later), and then we both rode over to rogan (jill is also a volunteer for bff – busy bee!).

ms. rikalika =)

yes. this is real.

rika and i didn’t end up staying that long because, well, our boys (as seen below) were “too cool for school” and wanted to do other stuff, but we had a great time with the beverages provided hehehehe. thank you jill!

you can view more pics HERE, on rogan’s blog!


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