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…because i want to win

Posted in Blogosphere, Fashion by yoshi on July 31, 2010

spread the word… but not too much, because then, that would me my chances would decrease – BAHAHAHAHAHA!

via mama’s rolling stone

…on being determined

Posted in Food for Thought by yoshi on July 31, 2010

i’ve finally decided to get my shit together. with the new promotion (and a raise lol) i’m finally feeling like and AD-ult. i’m consolidating a few debts i acquired when i first moved to ny almost 4 years ago and i’m feeling great about it and i know i’ll be able to pay it off in no time! (however, this does not include the huge student loan i’m still trying to pay off, but that is on an entirely different pay system – waaaaah!)

anyway, along with trying to pay off all this shit, which i hope to accomplish in 2 years (or less), the bf and i are thinking about moving into another neighborhood and starting anew with a new apartment. i love living in bushwick, especially since i live in the same building as some of my family, and the rent is cheap… like mucho cheap for a 2 bedroom, but i dunno, i kinda miss living on the other side of brooklyn… closer to prospect park. so we’re trying to save up to get an awesome 1.5 – 2 bedroom brownstone, which i think is totally doable, we just gotta save up fast so we don’t miss out on the deals.

ahhh, to live in a brownstone again… that is my hope =) ok, just thought i’d share this random update.

life update…

Posted in Blogosphere by yoshi on July 28, 2010

apologies (again) for not posting as much as i should…

few things:

  1. work is busier than ever, just got promoted to a Senior Producer title (ehehehehehhe), this means lots more projects to lead at work and less time to do in (yay). however, this also means, i get to have other producers under me to help me! (boss.)
  2. its summertime so i’m usually out and about doing whatever and not caring so much about spending too much time in front of a computer. i’d rather spend that time outdoors on my bike.
  3. i got my new iphone (however, i have to bring it in to apple because for some reason the call screen doesn’t go away when i put the phone up to my ear so then my cheek ends up hitting any of the buttons on that screen like the speaker, end call, or keybad buttons – WAH!)
  4. its hot. my computer gets hot. i don’t want to type on a hot computer.
  5. trying to spend less time on the internet so i can save money. say wha?! yea. you heard me. internet = online shopping = no money for more important things in life like – my hair, my tattoo, my hungry belly.
  6. my monitor at work is now in full sight of about 80% of my co-workers since they put all the producers in the front of the office. i cannot bullshit. rather, i should not get CAUGHT bullshitting.

however, i promise to keep you all up to date with my daily adventures. it might be delayed, but i’ll eventually get it up on here =)

ok bye.

inception. helloooooo EAMES!

Posted in People by yoshi on July 28, 2010

move aside leo and JGL, all my girls and i could talk about was “who the HELL is that eames dude?!” did some google image searching (i don’t really care too much about his info bahahaha):

tom hardy is his name.

i also found this… uhm… i really hope its not actually him lmaooooo

Xiao Ye Pre-Opening stuff your face food fest!

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on July 26, 2010

i had the pleasure of enjoying a 6 course meal, thanks to hyun, at eddie huang’s (owner of BAOHAUS) new joint, XIAO YE (uhm… yea… as in WU-TANGGGG), so you know it was gonna go down that night! game face was ON mu’fuckers!

i, of course, brought along fellow fatty foodie, louie!

i’m going to let the images speak for themselves, but check out the names of the dishes too lol.

"concubine cucumbers"

these "plastic" cups weren't really plastic!

"poontang potstickers"

"taiwan most famous pork on rice"

fried pork belly

boiled chicken served cold with 3 house made sauces - the chive sauce was to DIE for "hainan chicken"

the aftermath

for dessert: sweet potatoes covered in sesame seeds "golden taste balls"

all in all, it was a great experience and i’m sure XIAO YE will be successful. i have no doubt that there will be a line out the door and around the corner for foodies and fat asses alike…

thanks HYUN and EDDIE!

location: 198 orchard st (across the street from american apparel so you can eat and watch half nekkid chicks work)

that's eddie in the blue

the place got packed as more and more friends and family showed up for the $30 six course meal so it was time for us to leave… and get a SECOND dessert over at the meatball shop! BAHAHAHAHAHA! told you we were fat!

couldn’t resist taking louise with me to get some ice cream cookie sammy’s! YUUHHHUUUMMMM!

we stopped being fat asses and went back to louie’s place where i finnnnaaallly got to meet LOLA!

happy birthday johnny igei…

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Photography by yoshi on July 26, 2010

my man of few words celebrated his birthday a couple of weeks ago (yes, i know i’m lagging on posts!). i took him out to a jamaican restaurant called negril, which of course he loved lol. i also got to play with my iphone and hipstamatic app! muwahahhaa!

i ordered the bacon wrapped pork loin – OMG YESSSSS….

john ordered some national fish of jamaica dish…

the next day, we continued his brithday festivities with a fat brunch over at pies n thighs

**forgot to take pics of the food… was so hungry!**

we then hopped on our bikes, rode through the 95+ humidity over to bloomie’s and central park and ran into some friends. apparently i missed a raffy saadiq show in the park that day – FML.

hehe more pics with my iphone hipstamatic app bahahhaha:

FIRE and M.I.S.S. present Hearts & Minds this FRIDAY!

Posted in Events by yoshi on July 22, 2010
this friday in NYC, my homegirl krish aka ROCKY RIVERA is performing for an awesome event supporting Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FIRE) at the hudson terrace this FRIDAY!!!
along with the event, krish and DJ Roza have made a mixtape free for download – check it!
for more info on rocky rivera visit:

vans party

Posted in Events by yoshi on July 21, 2010

agenda and capsule tradeshows were cracking this year in nyc and there were many parties to cater to the folks in town doing “business.”

i ended up going to the vans office, thanks to fran and dom lol, and bumped into josh, bobby k., ben, bobby m., and a few others on my way into the building – thank GAWD or else i’d get lost finding that damn office lmao!

fran, dom, and josh:

also caught up with claWdia =P she looked so perrrrty in her pink gettup!

my favorite vans rep mike, and my favorite insight girl vanessa:

after pounding half a beer and ray and orion making fun of my red face… fran, dom and i decided it was time for some proper food at the coffee shop (don’t hate, it was the closest thing nearby):

we did a lot of people watching, saw a lot of the folks from the vans party pass by as well, including bobby and ben again – i can’t believe its been almost 2.5 years since the last time i saw them! its times like this that i really miss working in the clothing industry… and then i remember… no, i don’t miss it at all bahahahaha =P

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