the adventures of yoshi

check out the KedsWhitney windows @ Bloomingdale’s!

Posted in Artsy Fartsy, Events, Fashion by yoshi on July 10, 2010

as you know, i’ve been blogging for Keds to cover their KedsWhitney collaboration and so far, its been such an experience! i’ve been able to interview musicians, go to art exhibits, and take an early morning bike ride up to midtown to check out the Bloomingdale window displays for Keds and interview people passing us on the street!

don’t forget to visit the Keds blog and check out all the latest news on the shoe releases, free performances, and some of my blogs and soon to come, video interviews – OH! and don’t forget to “like it!”

doing the intro...

wah - no one wants to talk to me - LMAOOO

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