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History of Oakley by Staple Design

Posted in Events by yoshi on July 14, 2010

last night, oakley and staple joined forces to celebrate 35 years of innovation. with a 6 piece collection, the reedspace hosted an event showcasing oakley’s work through the years in addition to the staple x oakley line.

it was HOT in there! oakley x staple pieces were on point, particularly the frames jeff was wearing that night… i may have to steal them from him.

congrats to oakley and staple! fore more information on the products, visit jeff’s blog/site!

gimme gimme gimme!


djayjung and sneaker john

lindsay, chip, adam

nico suave and gabriel urist

the beautiful amy of KCDC

rob mate, gabe, ray mate

jerry and amanda! (luna's parents)

mr phil chang

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  1. […] + PHOTOS Posted in Art, Photography, Skateboarding by yoshi on July 15, 2010 after the oakley x staple event at reedspace, i hopped into a cab and headed over to the west side to check out the full […]

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