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Xiao Ye Pre-Opening stuff your face food fest!

Posted in Because I'm Fat by yoshi on July 26, 2010

i had the pleasure of enjoying a 6 course meal, thanks to hyun, at eddie huang’s (owner of BAOHAUS) new joint, XIAO YE (uhm… yea… as in WU-TANGGGG), so you know it was gonna go down that night! game face was ON mu’fuckers!

i, of course, brought along fellow fatty foodie, louie!

i’m going to let the images speak for themselves, but check out the names of the dishes too lol.

"concubine cucumbers"

these "plastic" cups weren't really plastic!

"poontang potstickers"

"taiwan most famous pork on rice"

fried pork belly

boiled chicken served cold with 3 house made sauces - the chive sauce was to DIE for "hainan chicken"

the aftermath

for dessert: sweet potatoes covered in sesame seeds "golden taste balls"

all in all, it was a great experience and i’m sure XIAO YE will be successful. i have no doubt that there will be a line out the door and around the corner for foodies and fat asses alike…

thanks HYUN and EDDIE!

location: 198 orchard st (across the street from american apparel so you can eat and watch half nekkid chicks work)

that's eddie in the blue

the place got packed as more and more friends and family showed up for the $30 six course meal so it was time for us to leave… and get a SECOND dessert over at the meatball shop! BAHAHAHAHAHA! told you we were fat!

couldn’t resist taking louise with me to get some ice cream cookie sammy’s! YUUHHHUUUMMMM!

we stopped being fat asses and went back to louie’s place where i finnnnaaallly got to meet LOLA!

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