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…on trying to be a model

Posted in Events by yoshi on August 14, 2010

today jarah and i went to a sailor jerry casting call sponsored by inked mag for their 2011 calendar. my friend jess talked me into it because she said they need more asian girls to come through bahahahha, so i decided to give it a go since i did get some fresh ink on my back.

can i just say its been the most stressful 2 weeks prior to today?! talk about crash dieting and sit-ups every night, all in all, i think i only lost a half inch around my waist.

ANYWAY, put my hair up in curls, found the most appropriate swim suit (that would show off curves i don’t have, and hide fat i DO have) and hopped on my bike with heels in my bag.

met jarah there and we were both grumpy since we’ve been dieting for this day and at the same time excited because really, we were so not ready for this (some girls FLEW in just for this casting call, meanwhile, jarah and i just hopped on our bikes and rode our sweaty asses over lmao).

there were many beautiful burlesque, rockabilly, pin-up women (and there were some not-so-hot ones too) so jarah and i felt pretty good about ourselves hahahahahhaha!

anyway, didn’t take too many photos, but i wish i took some of the inked staff, considering i knew 3 of them =X (including jess)

it was a great experience overall and i would do it again if i was asked to… but only if i had at least a month to prepare my body for bikini-shapeness!

and thank you to the inked staff for supplying water for all of us who were waiting in the heat! and sailor jerry for these awesome tote bags filled with goodies!!!!

*images shot with iphone4


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