the adventures of yoshi

P-Rod at Nike Stadium…

Posted in Events by yoshi on August 26, 2010

first off – whoever was handling the “guest list” line outside nike stadium should be FIRED. that’s all i’m saying about that.

trudy and i finally made it in regardless, and went straight downstairs to down some drinks. p-rod was down there with a bunch of other skaters, but honestly, i could care less – there was a big bowl of nachos and salsa calling my name with 2 tecata’s in hand. (don’t worry, i went for the chips all the way at the bottom for hygiene sake… yea… like that really helps lol).


there was NO ONE downstairs… i dont know why everyone wanted to stay upstairs?! oh right. gucci mane was performing. after i left, i guess lil kim showed up FML.

gucci mane is one ugly mo fo… but props. =P

lindsay!!! ❤


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