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CHROME NYC Flagship Store Opening Party!

Posted in Events by yoshi on August 28, 2010

for 4-5 hours STRAIGHT, john cardiel rocked the new Chrome store with reggae tunes – had everyone going NUTS! i think that’s the longest i’ve ever stayed at a store opening event – on record.

igei (who by the way is also sponsored by chrome hehehe), myself, matt (shut), jahoon, wonka, tyler (outlier) and the rest of the chari & co guys rode over to the spot and jason (who works there) kindly let our whole group in without any problems – thanks jason!!!

throughout the night, we danced, we drank (a lot) and ate (a lot). the meatball shop graced chrome with their catering!!! how awesome is that?!

but the best part was the fact that they did NOT run out of alcohol even after the event ended around midnight – WTH?! i guess that’s why the store remained jam-packed til the very end lol.

jamie reyes serving up the drinks and free t's (the one she's wearing)

matt and jahoon!

gio and i used to work together at the reedspace a loooong time ago =)

jahoon stuffing his face

awwww kai!!! ❤

shadi ❤ (kai's pops fyi)

yuri shibuya (if you don't know about her... google her), et moi (and jahoon)

wonka and his new haircut

igei's drunk ass

bahahahha - good times with cardiel and yuri ❤ these guys *excuse my ugly face - i was LMAO

carl's drunk ass

hell yea! trudy and our plate of BALLS

tak and nish!


the CHROME boys


roxy looked ADORABLE! i miss this lady!!!

we got gifts! (it was a pouch)

he kept it going allllll night long

epic fucking night with great people… this is one opening to remember =)


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  1. trudatnyc said, on August 30, 2010 at 9:43 PM

    omg, those balls were goooooooood


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