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…on being a fatty: Delicatessen and the Dirty-Debs

Posted in Because I'm Fat, Events by yoshi on August 28, 2010

the other night my favorite lady promo team: the dirty debutantes, threw their last night at the lower lounge of delicatessen. once cannot go to delicatessen and not eat. so that’s what i did. i brought along my co-worker sandra and treated her out to dinner since she’s going back to sf to finish up school.

we ordered bbq sliders (you MUST order these), truffled fries with parmesan (these too are to DIE forrrrrr), and to feel a little healthy, we got some grilled asparagus topped with prosciutto hehehehe:

mmmmm slidersssss

fries... i could NOT stop eating these!!!

grilled asparagusssss

and to finish it off, we ordered “the birthday cake” and hell yea it felt like it was my birthday! with vanilla gelato!?!?! i want to have this for my birthday… which should be celebrated everyday. ok, i’ll settle for every month. thanks.

after we stuffed our faces with food, we headed downstairs to hangout with the ladies and some friends, louie showed up too! =)

oh yes, they were serving specials on mimosas and sangria… you know i was all about the sangria. all 1/2 of it! bahahaha #lightweight – thanks sandra for finishing it for me

L-R: kristen, friend, tara:

sandra and linda!

oh yes! i forgot to mention that unkle chip was dj’ing that night too! lmao – his corporate attire, i didn’t even recognize him

Delicatessen & MacBar (yes, they have a mac & cheese bar too!)
54 Prince Street, New York, NY‎
(212) 226-0211‎

i love ladies nights… i need more of them


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  1. louie said, on August 28, 2010 at 11:26 AM

    yes, we need more ladies nights! i could eat an entire order of those fries! oh wait, i did! ^_^

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