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…on shit i’m diggin

Posted in on shit i'm diggin by yoshi on September 30, 2010


Posted in Events, Friends & Familia by yoshi on September 28, 2010

i completely forgot to post these images up! oops my bad (its been a hectic few months). anywho, igei and i passed by the nixon art and music event over in chelsea.

on our way in we bumped into jack and marilyn and some other friends <3!!!

i also ran into jules!


my girl ivy and my homie jah-jah (i missed their NINJASONIK performance – waaaah! next time)

kaori and andlew

igei, moi, and andlew (sponsored by nixon too)


hana and apes BAHHAHAHAHA! surprise!!!

nixon japan rep and osan!

china is drunk.

ran into jah-jah while walking to the train station… love him, so you should to =)

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…on safety being first when riding mopeds/scooters

Posted in Bicycles, Mopeds by yoshi on September 28, 2010

as i’m learning more and more about mopeds and scooters, which i think is going to become more like a winter project for me after i get my M endorsement (thinking i’ll get SOMEWHAT of a fixer upper and build it up myself… no really, i AM capable – ask my pop, he taught me how to fix all my rundown cars since they’d always break down on me… while driving FML lol).

so of course i MUST think of safety first. so i started looking at helmets, of COURSE these caught my eye BAHAHAHHA! yes, i think one of these will work juuuuuuuust fine.

*images from source

…on dry shampoo

Posted in Hair by yoshi on September 27, 2010

its not gross. its very useful. if i washed my hair everyday, i’d have very limp, flat, and super asian hair that sticks flat to my skull – not a good look if you’re asking me.

SO, i invested in OJON dry shampoo and then wendy gave me a sample of the TRESEMME dry shampoo. the verdict? TRESEMME. why?

  1. smells much better than ojon
  2. doesn’t leave a white powdery mess after spraying
  3. actually makes my hair feel less oily

don’t hate. try it out.

view FULL INFO on my LADYLIKE post!

a few more photos with T19 Skateboard crew from Japan!

Posted in Skateboarding by yoshi on September 27, 2010

i miss these guys! so much fun hanging out with them. O3, Shingo, and Kaori – i PROMISE i’m going to make it out to Tokyo reaaaal soon!!!! be ready! =)

igei's ollie

shingo's G-SHOCK exilim camera?!?!?! i WANT!

and lew ouch...

at least he got tips - hahahhaha!

photo from osan

an early b-day dinner for MissLawn and Wendy!

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on September 27, 2010

last week, vern and i celebrated lawn‘s and wendy‘s early birthdays downstairs at la esquina! wendy came prepared with some cosmetic goodies and vern came armed with vajazzles LMAOOOOO!

i didn’t take too many photos since wendy and vern got it covered (i’ll link when i receive!), but i did manage to take some hehehe *updated with a few more pics from wendy!:


thanks vern! i will now vedazzle...

after la esquina, we had a hell of a conversation at home sweet home… its pretty x-rated so i can’t share lmaoooooo! then vern, lawn, bam, and rex and i headed over to sweet paradise and danced our asses off for 3 hours STRAIGHT. *with a shoe swap between lawn and i bahahahhaha!


…on wanting a moped

Posted in Bicycles, Mopeds by yoshi on September 26, 2010

a few years of riding back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to and from brooklyn to the city is putting some wear and tear on my knees.

not having a car (but sometimes zipcar comes to the rescue), sucks because i do enjoy driving, yes, even in the new york city traffic, and also because i am not limited to where i can travel to since some days i just don’t WANT to take the train or ride my bike, i just wanna drive myself to the damn movies!

so, i’ve been doing some research on mopeds and scooters.

i haven’t the slightest knowledge of either, nor have i ever ridden one. so i am writing this post reaching out for some helpful tips and advice. after some thought, i determined that i would prefer a moped for the following reasons:

  1. it looks soooo much cooler than a scooter
  2. you don’t need a motorcycle license since most mopeds top out at 30mph (“most”), i would need to purchase a class b or class c moped 50cc-150cc (i’m guessing these are less power and slower than motorcyles and scooters)
  3. they look like mini motorcycles
  4. cheaper than scooters

HOWEVER, although the above applies to my desires, the below applies to some set backs:

  1. i would have to drive in the car lanes if i’m to cross any of the bridges in and out of brooklyn to manhattan, mopeds are not allowed on the bike lanes on these bridges (womp womp)
  2. that means, if i drive in the car lanes with a 50cc-150cc moped, i’d have to face a bunch of angry car drivers racing over the bridge as i try to haul ass on my little moped
  3. i’ve never really owned something like this before and i don’t know how to maintain or care for it, so its definitely a learning curve, like there’s mentions of “titles” before purchasing – WTF does that mean?!
  4. lastly, if i REALLY want to drive over the bridge on a moped at good speed, i’d have to get a class a motorcycle license

with that said, here are some solutions:

  1. take a motorcycle class to get my class a M license (gonna cost more $$ and i don’t know where to start) so i can get a 250cc or higher which means i can get a moped or scooter that runs at least 45mph
  2. and well, i guess that’s the only solution i’ve come up with so far bahahhaha!

do any of you have mopeds or scooters that want to share your thoughts?

i’m really diggin 1980’s mopeds, but i fear that they’d be more fixer-uppers and i don’t know jack shit. i definitely want to get a used one because i can’t afford a new one, is there anyone out there that can help me??

for now, here are some of the mopeds i’ve been eyeing =)





and of course i would LOVE a RUCKUS!!!!!

and i just like this HONDA ad =)

please help!!!!

DAY 3 w/ Swagger New York VIDEO!

Posted in Fashion, Outfit by yoshi on September 25, 2010

booooo – this was my last shoot with the swagger crew. i had a great time with SP and his photographer, they made me feel at ease with flaunting what my mama gave (shake whatcho mama gave yaaaaa!).

if you haven’t checked out swagger new york, then you’re missing out on some of a lot of dope individuals with multiple styles and personalities – THANK YOU SWAGGER!!!


*ps: i’ve been working out so my belly button doesn’t look like its smiling at you anymore BAHAHHAHA

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