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…on being a beach bum

Posted in Friends & Familia by yoshi on September 1, 2010

totally lying about being a beach bum by the way since really, this was my FIRST time at the beach in ny since our night ride to fort tilden (and that doesn’t count, because it was dark already).

the bf and i headed to marilu and joey’s place where we got to see tonka =P

then we hopped in the car (matt also met us) and drove over to riis park and walked our way to fort tilden beach. it was HOT HOT HOT! luckily we got there in the morning so the beach was pretty empty, lots of room to lay out, but the waves were a bit scary. too scary for me to swim in actually lmao. i did my “beach bum” duty by wading on the shore and lying out to work on my tan.. yup.

this girl’s back tattoos were INSANE (not in a good way either), it literally looked like someone took a sharpie and started doodling on her back =X i really hope that’s what they were…

joey and marilu’s shade lol

by about 1:30, it was getting crowded and we decided to leave (plus the heat was becoming unbearable), we headed back to joey’s place to throw some food on the grill and call it a day. a few of our other friends, mike, amy and their 2 girls in tow (luella and ruby), alicia, sean, and kelly met us there and we all ate like pigs! i love joey’s backyard… too bad i always get tons of mosquito bites!

me likey sean's tat - he got in cambodia

ruby wants in!

good times =)

*photos taken with iphone4


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