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Billy Reid Spring 2011 Collection

Posted in Fashion by yoshi on September 10, 2010

My friend Laurel (K-Swiss‘ women’s creative director – holker!) was in town and invited me to join her and her colleague Ryan (K-Swiss’s awesome global marketing director whom I found out we have a ton of friends in common) to go to the Billy Reid Spring 2010 Preview show at Milk Studios. I vowed that I wouldn’t participate in any #NYFW festivities this season (because they’re always so damn stressful and I really can’t stand some of the “like, oh-em-gee! happy fashion week!” remarks), but I couldn’t say no to Laurel and plus, it was a MEN’S runway show… ooh – fucking – LA LA!

*Please note: this is not a runway show recap! It’s more like a drool fest.*

I also forgot to take an “outfit” pic, but this photographer got us… however, I couldn’t get a larger view because I had to be a member of his site and pay $10. No thanks! I was wearing my Hellz-Bellz “Complicated” Lace tank!!

Not only were the garments classy with Southern character (if I were a man, I would be broke because I would spend all my money on every piece… well, maybe not the high waisted joints… on men?!), but the models were ABSOLUTELY BEAUUUUTIFUL. There were moments when I totally would have written my contact info and reached out to put in their pocket (front pant pocket to be exact BAHAHAHHAA!).

From here on out, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

K-Swiss in the house!

hello cuties

oh heyyyy!

ok, just one more...

MONEY SHOT! thank you boys =P

i followed him.

more K-Swiss!

i also ran into lindsay!!! congrats on the Levi's gig - we're gonna miss you on the east coast!!! =(

i also met the ever-so-sweet ms. susie bubble herself

back to the boys


beard boy... I HEART YOU

yea.. i GOTCHU BOY

scarf boy - i see you too ❤

FINALLY got to meet sarah from turner PR - glad to put a face to an email, and kelsey as well!


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  1. redx said, on September 23, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    boom chica wowow

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